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The speakers on the MacBook Pro 2012 are on the left and right sides between the aluminium case and the battery. The photos below are of the Macbook Pro bottom case assembly. The speakers are highlighted in red. Left Speaker: Right Speaker: The best place I have found on the web for information like this has been MacBook Pro 13" Retina ...


If applications can still send sound to your speakers but the system does not, it sounds like your default output device is something other than your speakers. Hold down the Option key and click on the volume icon in your Menu Bar (or go to System Preferences > Sound > Output). Under "Output Device:" select the device you want to use, probably "Internal ...


Reboot your mac. thats all... really...


A drop is a drop - 1 foot or 10 feet - you dropped it. More than likely, you broke something on the I/O Board This goes for around $70 on Amazon. I just purchased one to fix a friends 2012 MBA and it was super easy to fix. You just have to remove the back cover and one screw holds this board in place. It removes pretty easily.

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