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This page on the Bluetooth specification website very quickly descends into technobabble, but the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile is how audio is distributed, or sent, from a Bluetooth audio transmitter (such as iPhone or iPod) to a Bluetooth audio receiver (such as headphones or a stand-alone speaker). I am not sure how technical of an answer you are ...


On re-reading, this may not be the actual answer… if it's bluetooth, then it's bluetooth - but if it works in Airplane mode, then read on... Simply put, they work by induction. They actually 'listen' to the magnetic field in the phone's speaker itself. If you pass an alternating current through a wire wrapped round a magnet, the current will induce a ...


A lot of WiFI and Bluetooth audio systems come with Airplay built in nowadays. As Airplay is also built into any iOS device and any modern Mac, this allows your iPhone or your Mac to stream audio to such an audio system without additional software.

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