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I don't think its possible from apple.


I developed an Mac app that records a workspace. You can drag&drop, add or copy/paste everything on it (files, contacts, bookmark, email, …), called Objects. By default, an Object is a reference to the original information. My app records each event (adding, removing, resizing, moving, linking, unlinking, …) made to Objects, it can unwind and wind up ...


Sparky's suggestion #2, swapping the ports that the displays connect to, resolved this problem for me. I'm using a 2013 Mac Pro 6,1 with two displays plugged into the bottom pair of Thunderbolt ports that share the same bus. No matter what else I change the monitor that's plugged into the port on the right – nearest the power button – becomes the primary ...


Amethyst With Amethyst, you can send windows to specific spaces using configurable keyboard shortcuts. One possible setup is: Command + Control + 1   [send to Desktop 1] Command + Control + 2   [send to Desktop 2] Command + Control + 3   [send to Desktop 3] and so on . . . By default, Amethyst automatically tiles your OS X ...

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