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There may be other options, but I’ve enjoyed using an app called Stay, from Cordless Dog: https://cordlessdog.com/stay/. It takes a few steps to save and edit your window arrangement, but once you set it up, Stay handles plugging/unplugging of displays pretty seamlessly. To set it up, you "store" window(s) for the current application, or all applications. ...


I've long experienced this problem, too. Haven't found any 'good' solutions, so put together some Applescripts that partially address the problem. It's very much a kludge and not a perfect solution, and deploying the scripts in a given user's workflow is a matter of individual taste. Here's code to open an MS Word document in a space that doesn't have any ...


Yes! Simply right click on the finder icon on the dock, go to "Options" and then select "All Desktops". And voila! You have the same Finder window open anywhere and everywhere you need it!


On Mavericks, you can go to System Preferences -> Mission Control and check "Displays have separate spaces." This will accomplish what you want to do.


If I have understood your question correctly, you can achieve this by the following: 1. Launch Mission Control 2. Add a new desktop by clicking Add to the right 3. Drag the desktops in order of preference 4. Exit Mission Control 5. Navigate to the desktop you want an app to open on then right-click the app icon in the dock, choose Options and select This ...

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