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Using Control + Right arrow is very inconvenient (i.e. unergonomic) for two reasons: You need to press it as many times as spaces you want to cycle You need two hands (left hand to press Ctrl + right hand to press the arrows), whereas if you press Ctrl+N you only need your left hand. I agree with the principle of simplicity but only as long as it's not ...


here is my solution with little tweak. on that link, there is dropbox link of a Alfred workflow. via Alfred pop up new safari on current workspace, and make it front (optional) if needed, open specific URL //currently this script valid for just 1 URL address. (optional) in case of specific URL, no need of “http://”


I have found that opening one app per desktop names it after that. In my work that's really helpful because it allows me to have google gasmask open in one, terminal running my local server in another, atom in another and so on, very helpful that it names it after the app running!


I was also having this problem on mavericks (osx 10.9.5). Here's how I solved it: In Finder, click Go->Go to Folder... Type: '~/Library/Preferences/' and click Go. Open the file '' using a text editor. Edit the bottom line to: 'workspaces-auto-swoosh = ":true";'. Restart. Cheers!


If you have 'Displays have separate Spaces' unchecked, then you cannot do what you are looking for. The 'Space' will automatically be the same Space on both monitors, you can't have one Space on the left & another on the right. You would need to re-check 'Displays have separate Spaces' in order to do that. Then you could call up any Space on any ...


The paid App "Moom" (£7.99 Mac App Store) can save and restore desktop layouts (amongst other window related tricks). I don't think it actually starts applications though, but if they are already running it will arrange them for you. You might be able to combine an automator action to run a bunch of programs and then have Moom arrange them for you? I have ...


A very low technology but quite direct solution is to assign keystrokes to each desktop (Preferences -> keyboard -> shortcuts -> Mission Control : allows you to assign ^1 to Desktop 1 and so on). Then write your desired Desktop Names on a small stickie note (a physical one!) and stick it near the number keys. All your Desktop names are constantly in view, ...


There is the default shortcut ⌘` (that's a backtick [or ⌘` for QWERTZ keyboard layouts] to toggle focus between application windows. I don't think it's possible to adjust the behaviour of ⌘⇥ so it meets your criteria.

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