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I've never found any way to get full-screen apps to go to the left. At least they don't drop randomly in the middle of other Desktops like they used to, so at least you now know where they're going to be. My workaround has been to use the default ctrl/number key commands in System Prefs > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Mission Control, as below, which in my case ...


I've just tested now and I'm able to do that (multiple full-screen applications and switching between them with Command + Tab), but it could very well be because I'm using TotalSpaces, an add-on that greatly improves the usability of spaces. Unfortunately it seems like 10.10 is the last release of Mac OS that TotalSpaces will support.


If you lock an app to a space it will always open in that space, no script required. the limitation is that all windows of each app will be in the same space; no way round that except manually, afaik. First open the app in the required Space, then right click the Dock icon & select 'This Desktop' After that, if you check from any other Space you will ...


After some experimentation, I've been able to keep all windows in the proper spaces across unplug/replug by adding 1 extra blank space on my laptop screen. While plugged in to external monitor, I have #1 on monitor and #2 & 3 on the laptop (call these 1a, 2a, 3a). #2a is kept blank. Upon unplugging, there is some merging and rearranging of the ...

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