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Fun fact: If your desktop background is black (like mine is) you can almost see the "+" icon. If you squint you can see its drop-shadow. It was there all along, but I couldn't see it. Nice work, Apple. (I'm on Yosemite, if that matters.)


There's a System preference for this, but then it makes fullscreen apps occupy only one screen at a time and the rest of the screens are black. To activate it: Preferences -> Mission Control -> uncheck Displays have separate Spaces reference: Apple site


Check that under System Preferences > Trackpad, "natural scrolling direction" is enabled. Not having this option enabled would cause the screen to follow the exact direction your hand is swiping along the trackpad, and not the natural direction I assume you're used to. NB: I'm not sure of the exact term for natural scrolling but I'll update my answer ...

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