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Load average is CPU based, not GPU based. The numbers represent one, five, and fifteen minute averages of the load on the CPU. A single-core CPU is like a single lane of traffic. Imagine you are a bridge operator ... sometimes your bridge is so busy there are cars lined up to cross. You want to let folks know how traffic is moving on your bridge. A ...


The only free (albeit not open source) Mac OS GUI compression utility I'm aware of is B1. It does support password protecting archives, although not encrypting them. Two commercial applications that do support encrypted archives are: Winzip StuffIt That said, if you're happy using the command line, the zip utility provided with Mac OS can do ...


QuarkXpress 8 works very well on Lion. Except some light paletbox bugs (see pref Java and quark xtension manager)


Double click on home botton to open multitask operarions then shut down the page related to the photos application then re open the photos app and you will see your albums.


It looks like you downloaded the DRM-free version of Firefox. You don't have the addon that provides the DRM in the first place.

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