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Another way to decrypt the serial number, as opposed to downloading freeware tainted by evil payloads (at least one download site for "Softkey Revealer" has taint) is to run a simple jscript routine (copied from elsewhere, but tested and works): function DecodeAdobeKey(sAdobeEncryptedKey) { var regex=/[0-9]{24}/g; if(!regex.test(sAdobeEncryptedKey)) { ...


Open System Preferences / Notifications / Scroll down till Clean My Mac is visible and uncheck all the boxes. Done.


Software can have also little differences. In example Japanese and Korean models cannot mute their camera sound (Over there this is done also by all the other camera and mobile manufacturers). So they have a slighty different software.


Captor, available on mac app store It's a native app , can capture HTTP/HTTPS just like CharlesProxy.

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