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You can find the default Dashboard widgets in /Library/Widgets. They are written using JavaScript, so it's pretty easy to access the code. For example if you right-click on the Stocks widget and choose "Show Package Contents" you will find a file called "Stocks.js" inside the bundle that contains the logic behind the widget. On line 1319 of that file there ...


The stocks widget for OS X is limited to 20 stocks. This is from my experience and testing. I'm an app developer on all Apple platforms, iOS and OSX. I have several macs running different versions and all hit the 20 mark and stop. I have tried many combinations and have not passed 20.


None of the above!!! just force quit Google and that's it!!


The .nbi is the NetBoot set, it's the disk you are booting the Mac you want to image from that contains DeployStudio Runtime. From there you will run a workflow, that can incorporate an image if you want. The workflow is created in DeployStudio Admin. To create images, I like to use AutoDMG: https://github.com/MagerValp/AutoDMG Once you get your image, ...

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