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You have to combine both answers posted here. Configure ControllerMate as described by Luke for your program of choice and apply the Play Button iTunes Patch mentioned by Stephen. Then you can control your app of choice by using a headphone remote control without starting iTunes.


You can't boot a version of OS X older than the version of OS X that shipped with the machine. This is because older versions of OS X do not contain the drivers required to support the newer hardware that it had no knowledge of at the time of development. The boot sequence will freeze on the Apple logo or blue screen and you will not be able to boot.


It sounds like your Mac Pro is not supported (too old?) by a newer OS than 10.6.8. Check by looking in the System Information app, to see what version of Mac Pro it is. Supported versions are "MacPro3,1" or greater. Unsupported versions are MacPro1,1 or MacPro2,1. The reason why the older models are not supported is not arbitrary - it's because the first ...


Selfcontrol Selfcontrol is an app build for a different purpose, it disables your network connectivity for a certain amount of time to keep you from visiting social websites and keep you more productive. It makes it possible for you to create a white-list or a black-list to allow or block certain ip-adress/sites. So I login to the server, set Selfcontrol ...

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