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Apple doesn't have a great article on troubleshooting SMS reception so your first course of action would be to contact your carrier or look on their website on how they wish users to troubleshoot SMS reception. Once you've done that, you could go over this article: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204065 It covers messages, so you might want to disable ...


SMS Handoff is not a feature on Mavericks, it needs Yosemite to function [Thanks to @tubedogg for the confirmation] To enable it you would start from your iPhone… Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding - then add your computer from the list by switching on. That will send a code to the computer, which you then enter on your phone to confirm the ...


Check "Text Message forwarding" under phone Settings > Messages > Text. This must be on (and your iOS device and OS X machine must be on the same network) for text messaging from Messages on OS X to work. (It's possible this was disabled disabled for his Mac after a reboot.)


Not sure for txt, but if that happens for iMessage, then reselecting the 'correct' number from the To: someone header above the text area [even if it looked right to you in the first place] can make it have a rethink. The area would show as red before, blue or green after 'fixing'. If 'no fix' is required then there is no colouration to that part until ...


In canada, with a Rogers carrier, using iPhone, i start messages with " !", an exclamation point, and I get confirmation that a message was sent. ie: " ! Tom are you home" a message then follows confirming I sent message to XXX-XXX-XXXX

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