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If she has blocked you, then the message will not be sent to her. When you first send a message to another Apple device, it will look like an iMessage. It will then change to look like an SMS message, just like you experienced. To you, it will look like a regular message, and it will look like it sent, but she will not actually receive it.


Open the Settings app. Then, go to the "Messages" section. Then, tap "Send & Receive". After that, check to make sure that you only have one number checked.


I solved this by changing values under setting/messages/send receive. For the iPhone enter the phone number then mark it with a check mark. For the iPad enter your Apple ID. My initial confusion stemmed from thinking that the Apple ID had to be used for both. It may have been that way long ago. I am not sure. Good luck. 5/14/2016 Hi, your latest post says ...

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