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The only way to be sure the message is being sent to his Android is to use a 3rd-party text service like Viber. These services are designed to be device agnostic and are good solutions for people looking for cross-device (android to iphone, for example) communication. They can also tell you when messages are delivered and if they are read by the recipient. ...


No, the messages are blocked and they're not stored anywhere.


Had a similar "stuck in message" problem. Powering off/powering on fixed the issue....


To avoid confusion, we might be speaking about two things here: SMS, MMS - which are a GSM network feature, not a phone feature iMessages - have separate notifications and format, but they look like ordinary SMS to you. They are not real SMS, but are working between iPhones, iPads, iPods and Macs. If Wi-Fi is unavailable, iMessages will be sent over ...


SMS delivery reports are a network feature, not a phone feature, so theoretically you might need to contact your carrier, to get more information and to check with them. Separately from it, confirmation has to be enabled/sent by recipient, I remember my old phone had this setting set to off. iMessages, have separate notifications and format, as they are not ...


Character count setting in iPhone Settings is only for SMS messages. It doesn't work for apps from other developers. You would need to contact the developer of Texto to determine how to do character counts.

0 This app answers you really well :) I personally built it for this use. I hope apple makes more entries in the future.

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