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This will surely frustrate later arrivals who only have chat.db available, but I later realized I have other iOS devices with up-to-date Messages. I extracted sms.db and Attachments from those backups (using iPhone Backup Extractor), merged them into my latest iPhone backup (using iBackupBot), and restored the backup. I'd suggest turning on airplane mode to ...


Rather than swiping downward, take your index finger and drag downward on the left side of the message area.


If their reply is in blue, it's an iMessage, and you disabled iMessage, so it won't come through. If the message is in green it is an SMS, which will always come through. The only way around it is to disable iMessage on all your devices so that your friends' iPhones don't pick you up as iMessage-enabled contact and hopefully send you SMS instead of iMessage. ...


This spammer must have acquired these contact numbers from an email account's contacts page belonging to one of the people who received this. Then, they sent a text message to some of the contacts they found. The To field is auto-filled by your phone with all the people who received the text. For instance, if I texted a message to you and some guy (let's ...


The problem is someone refusing to support Concatenated SMS, as @Andrew Ferrier noted. in a comment on Stu's answer. The spec makes for very dense, acronym-rich reading. However, there's a section that's relatively readable, which reads: 3.8.3 Text concatenation If the concatenation mechanism described in subclause is not ...


This is it! It survived hard resets, killing Message, killing message threads -- it is specific to a contact forever. Fix - have them send a message, check details, turn off do not disturb.

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