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To use sparsebundles and Time Machine backups, a NAS must support AFP and one must mount the share using the AFP protocol. AFP supports metadata transport that is not carried via SMB shares. CIF/SMB should be used with Windows-based systems. AFP should be used with Apple systems whenever possible. While you might be able to create a sparsebundle and use it ...


AFAIK, you can't get the ownership properties of files on SMB/Samba shares on anything other than Windows. Mac OS / Linux implementations of Samba don't parse that info when reading the share, most probably because of the differences in how the extended attributes are stored between the OS's, and that the Share properties are determined by the hosting system ...


You can still connect to AFP servers, you just need to make sure to include the afp:// at the beginning of the server name/IP. Unfortunately, I have not found a way to restore the default to AFP.

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