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You can safely leave your Mac powered on all the time. Safe and Harmless There is no practical damage or harm that will occur because the Mac is constantly running. Use your Mac as best suits your needs. Restarting is helpful every so often – if only to install updates and clear out caches or temporary files. Environment As 1lann mentions, environmental ...


One way I can see potential damage is wear and tear of moving parts inside the computer, such as any hard disk drives and fans. Be aware that the fan may draw in a lot of dust if the computer is constantly running, and you may need to clean the inside of your computer at one point.


I administer a small network of Macs, servers and iOS devices and have been doing exactly the same thing for many years, I personally think (although can't confirm) that it adds longevity to the machine, I currently have a mac mini that is 8 years old running perfectly using this practice.


You have two options, maybe more 😅: Automator: Make an Application document Add the following action: Library -> Utilities -> Hide All Applications Save the App Add it to your login items System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> Choose your User -> Login Items Voilà!, on next login all open apps will be hidden. Note that with this option, ...

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