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The README file for the project says it's compiled code. Before you can run it you need to compile it. For OS X it says: Mac OS X and Linux compilation is done using the included shell scripts. I didn't see an shell scripts in the top level folder for the project but if you drill down to this readme.txt file it says: On Mac OS X and Linux, simply ...


Found a solution. Some apps have ⌘ shortcuts to toggle their various windows. Skype uses ⌘1 for it's primary window. Looks like I can hide it via this method and continue to receive visual notifications. Great!


It would be nice if Skype (Microsoft) synched the message history from your iDevices to your Mac where it is easily accessible, but I suspect they don't. In the meanwhile you can try a trial version of something like iExplorer ( which can access most/all files created on iDevices and try to locate your Skype message ...


I had the same problem a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, there is no way to merge all your contacts automatically. But and I solved manually this way. - search for your contact on the search bar. Once you typed down his or her name, Skype will display several address book numbers for that contact and also his or her skype contact. - Choose the number you want ...

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