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Did you try the screen share? It does require you typing, but not in the Skype field. You could use excel or word to type, and then share your screen with others. More details HOW to: https://support.skype.com/en/faq/FA10022/how-do-i-share-my-screen-in-skype-for-mac-os-x You will also need a digital sketch pad like the : ...


BaiBoard BaiBoard is a free white board tool that allows you to share and collaborate on a virtual white board. It allows the use of free hand drawing, typing, lines, etc. There is a free Mac and iOS app. I find it works really well with google talk for audio chatting whilst a Wacom Graphics tablet for input.


Apple issued a patch to go on top of the 10.8.5 update that didn't ship both a 32bit and 64 bit file that Skype, Apple's iMovie and other apps need to run the internal camera. After some investigation, we have found that the OSX 10.8.5 update is missing a specific file that would allow some apps such as Skype or iMovie to access the built-in facetime ...


Skype contacts can be add and removed in the Skype iPad application. You can add a contact by adding them in a menu, removing a contact can be done on the same way to remove an application (Keep your finger on a contact in your home Skype screen for several seconds, then use the cross on the right top of the contact).


It appears that it is currently not possible to edit contacts in Skype for iPad. This Skype KB article mentions viewing and deleting contacts, but makes no mention of editing contacts. This is in contrast to the related articles for other systems such as Windows/Mac that does mention editing contacts. How do I manage my contacts in Skype for iPad? In ...


Turns out I had some strange Core Audio driver issue. Every time Skype was running, process "coreaudiod" would fire up and begin to hog CPU like crazy. I fixed permissions on my boot volume and it fixed a bunch of stuff related to iTunes, which apparently also fixed whatever was going on. Once the coreaudiod issue was resolved, here's the setup that is ...


I have a similar problem. It is not only on Skype, any app requiring microphone access, even if granted, does not work on my iPad 2 after installing iOS 7. Uninstalling Skype did not help either. You might want to check other apps that use Microphone input to make sure it's not just a Skype issue. It could be hardware failure or an OS issue.


You can buy yourself a copy of Bria for the Iphone. I use it and prefer it over other earlier voip applications. It works well. Now sign up for a voip.ms account and set up a voip service to use. Wala. Dirt cheap calling via the iphone. You will of course need to be in a wifi area, or have data enabled on your phone. Full integration with native contacts, ...

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