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Be sure you aren't looking in the root library, but your user library. Skype in Application Support and com.skype.plist are not invisible by default. Try changing the ~/Library/Application Support with /Users/<username>/Library/ Application Support, with being your Username without the <>. I find it easy to "Go to" with Shift+Command+G while ...


A cursory search of the App Store reveals iSpeech, which is basic and doesn't have the greatest reviews, but looks like it will suffice. There are many more applications available simply search "text to speech" on the App Store.


I don't know about your sign-in problem but about removing the files, you can remove all the required files from the Terminal itself. Removing the Skype app itself from the Applications folder shouldn't be a problem. Type these in Terminal to remove the other files (press enter after each line to execute the command): rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ ...

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