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I have iPhone 5s and iOS 8.3 and my siri stopped working after replacing broken glass. My current workaround is to use the headphone microphone. I think iPhone when using SIRI does some sophisticated background noise reduction. For that it uses additional microphones I think for iPhone 5s and up there are three all together. Try to use the iPhone supplied ...


Found a reliable yet cumbersome workaround to have Siri play over the RCD 310 stereo using Bluetooth... Using your car's steering wheel control, disconnect the Bluetooth link to your phone. Open Siri by holding your iPhone's home button. Re-activate the Bluetooth connection from your car to your phone. VoilĂ , after a few seconds you can have a dialog ...


If you disable Siri, it will then activate Voice Control when you hold the home button. Being on the lock screen or not doesn't make a difference.

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