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finding songs that you had siri identify for you. go into itunes on your phone, click the top right box. click on the siri tab. this is with OS8


Siri needs the internet to do voice recognition. It doesn't understand your question without first sending the audio of you asking up to a central processing system.


Just continue to hold down the home button (or Siri microphone button) after Siri has been activated and you have started talking. If you do this, Siri will wait until you let go of the button to process what you have said, so you can make pauses to your heart's content without triggering the "I've stopped" action.


No - Siri currently has no way to program the pauses to detect when you are done speaking. You could have siri open notes and then use the dictation feature to dictate your thoughts with pauses using the keyboard command and then edit them and then finally push that composed thought to messages, but it defeats the ease of using siri to automate the sending ...


As far as I'm aware there is no way to get around this if you want to continue to use Siri from the lock screen or by holding the home button. Your only solution at the minute is either to make sure you say everything without pausing or enable and use the dictation feature on the keyboard - It listens indefinitely until you tap on 'done' so you will be able ...


Heads up though...if you set a reminder, it can synch with your other Mac devices--causing a reminder to pop up on those too. A factor for me, since I've had a reminder to, say, call the divorce lawyer....and then this pops up on the desktop mac in front of the kiddos. If I'd prefer a reminder be JUST to me, I'll use the alarm instead.

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