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The underlying technology to enable a voice app like siri to be useful has existed in OS X for quite some time. It's called applescript and was first introduced in System 7. Nobody has yet created a nice front end like siri to access that underlying technology but you can cobble together something to fit your personal needs (if you can think of them ahead of ...


iOS 8, out this fall, will have this feature integrated. For now, get an Android and say OK Google to activate Google Now. Car companies will roll out the Apple CarPlay technology soon on their entertainment systems, which has built-in Siri integration for hands-free commands.


At the moment is not possible, but this is one of the features of the upcoming iOS 8: With iOS 8, users won't have to have their iPhone or iPad in their hands to invoke Siri. Instead, the device will listen for the voice prompt "Hey Siri" to initiate.


By default it will shuffle it, you may have better luck asking Siri to play a playlist instead.

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