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Switch-it-off-and-on-again FTW! Whilst typing the above question, I thought maybe I ought to at least try switching it off and on again, so I did: I held both buttons in for a few seconds to force a restart, and after that I found it worked perfectly again. Hope this helps someone else!


There's not just some file you can just go edit for the "Hey, Siri..." phrase. There are localized language files for Assistant (Siri) and the rest of iOS that contain information about what certain words and language in general looks like to a computer. I'm fairly certain that these files are located at /System/Library/LinguisticData/. There are people who ...


U can only check recent questions press home to access Siri swipe down !!!


Find your name in your contacts, then scroll down. You will see a list of family and names that describes the relationship, there you can edit and delete.

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