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Relevant people As Apple specified on its website page dedicated to iOS 9, with your Siri suggestions you can See the contacts you talk with most, those you talked to last, or even those you’re next scheduled to meet I'd definitely suggest you to have a look to all that Siri suggestions include from here, in fact it doesn't just suggest you Contacts,...


The basic answer to your question is that Siri, as of now, still cannot work offline. Cortina on Windows phone can, so there is hope that at some point in the future, Apple will bring that ability to Siri. I have a couple basic quasi-suggestions. The first is to use Voice Control. It's basically what came before Siri, and if you disable Siri, that's what ...


I don't really get how you worded this question but i'll answer it in two ways t could be interpreted. 1~ Siri is unable to even listen to what you say without wifi connecton as siri is run through internet. 2~ If you say something and siri goes online there is a way you can 'text' him. If when you say something and it isn't specific or he mishears you, ...


Personally, I would check you ios update is that most recent version. If it is then what I would do is set the alarm manually. To be quite honest, not trying to be rude, setting an alarm manually surely can't be an issue unless you are very lazy aha!!! If it is a real problem contact apple and hopefully they'll be able to sort it out for you. Hopefully ...


I think this is not achievable via Siri, but you can still use Siri and a couple of taps to get what you're asking for. "Hey Siri, where am I?" All you have to do to Mark your current location, using Siri, is following these few simple steps: Ask Siri "Where am I?" or similar questions; It will pop you up a preview of your location in Maps, tap on that ...


Until today, there's no way to do this. Here's my findings: Siri doesn't perform search directly on, it uses Siri's hideout [] to relay the request over (properly configured) TLS. Other than asking for Apple's mercy, I think it's more probable to trade Chinese iPhone with one from another country. BTW, the packets themselves ...


No, it won't work. The app will show a prohibitory sign over the app icon. When opening the App, it will show an error message.


Don't know if you resolved this, but I had this problem and discovered that Siri differentiates numbers labeled "mobile" and numbers labeled "home". Setting it to "Home" works, setting it to "Mobile" it doesn't. This is the top hit for this question via Internet search so I hope this helps and I save some frustration out there.


It ever happened to my iPhone 5 twice. All I did was left my iPhone until the battery drained off. Then I charged my phone the next day (or when you think the battery is drained already). It worked well afterwards. If it doesn't work for you, you should take to Apple repair shop. Hope it can work for you!

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