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I am having the same problem too. I could solve it if I turned off my Outlook sync of contacts and just used a local copy. Then once I tuned the Outlook sync back on, Siri again said there were no numbers for that person. I ended up creating a new contact with the first name and last name the same, with the same phone number as the original contact and that ...


The feature IS AVAILABLE ON iPHONE 6 as well! (Provided you are running at least iOS 9.) To enable, simply go to Settings > General > Siri and choose Allow Hey Siri.


The obvious things you can change are several: Turn off Siri - that is a sledge hammer to make sure you never do things by voice. Turn off FaceTime - that also is a sledge hammer in that you can't use FaceTime normally. Turn off the device or move it a) out of voice range if you allow "Hey Siri" b) out of arm range if you keep both 1 and 2 on from above.


I had the same problem where Siri would be able to pull up my wife's contact and even call her but not text her. Finally fixed that by going into Settings > iCloud and turning on Contacts.

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