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Finally figured it out!!! That person a long time ago had invited me to a Facebook event that last many many days in a row. I never declined or ignored the event and I also had my iOS calendar set to show Facebook events. I declined and ignored the event in Facebook, he still appeared, but I didn't wait long (maybe that takes a while to refresh). I was ...


My 6 was doing this. I had vibrate on ring set to off. I turned it back on, then Siri vibrated on activation. I turned it off again and Siri still continues to vibrate on activation, so this fixed my problem.


Other than pressing the home button or sleep button, you can say a list of words: Goodbye Bye See you So long See you soon/later


You can press the home button again or say "Goodbye"


it was irritating but after I realized when you push button than say Siri it activates her and the sounds are there during the session you use her.

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