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If you leave the carrier OFF the card should actually not be charged. At least that's usually the recommendation when using an iPad abroad. As far as I know you could actually even remove the SIM card and still use the iPad over wifi – and maybe that would be the best option if you want to be 100% sure your brother's account is not charged.


I've had good luck with Acrobits Softphone... it's a SIP soft phone for iOS. Once you have an appropriate VoIP/PBX account that supports SIP clients, you can use google chat to get your calls into the PBX. It definitely has some noticeable lag, but it is certainly better than nothing. You can get a free VoIP/PBX account at pbxes.com (I have no ...


Normally you would have to just set up the new provider stuff. Account with them, email if you have one, the data plan, the payment service ect.

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