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This is perfectly doable. I use a prepaid SIM myself and get by without a problem (although my usage is a lot different to yours). Here are some tips to maximise your iPhone efficiency and minimise your bill. Switch off "Background App Refresh". I have mine switched off for all but a few apps but for your needs it isn't necessary. This will boost battery ...


This is what I did to solve the problem. Powered the phone down. I removed the SIM card. Use a small paper clip and insert in the sim card hole and push firmly. Don't use a large paper clip. While they fit the hole, are too large to push on the mechansim that pops the card up. I lightly cleaned the SIM card contacts with an alcohol prep swab (the kind they ...


I just took a family mobile sim card from my ZTE Zinger and cut the card with a broad wire cutter, (dont use sissors, u need something that will make the cut in one chop, like a nail clipper, but with a straight cutting end). I put the card into a newly unlocked Iphone 5, and it worked fine.


Well I had an iphone 4 and used the SAME exact sim card for my 5. All I did was take a replica of the iphone 5 sim and cut it down to size. Put it in, and it works perfectly. No issues. Try it.

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