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If it's unlocked, you don't need to activate it first. Simply switch out the T-Mobile SIM card and insert any SIM from a GSM carrier (basically anything but Sprint or Verizon in the US) and the device should work. If you are curious, you can open the settings app and tap General, tap About then tap Carrier to update the carrier settings for the new carrier ...


The "Apple SIM ejector" is a glorified paperclip. A much better (and more comfortable) tool is a 0.8mm hex driver. Find the precision tools section of your local hardware store and get one that fits. Do NOT get a pointy-end driver like Phillips. Hex drivers have flat ends and smooth sides. And don't use metal objects to clean out the connector - a toothpick ...


If you purchase an international or unlocked iPhone, it comes with this SIM ejection tool. They cannot be purchased from Apple, however they are sold on eBay/Amazon/etc.


I took a T-Mobile sim card from a blackberry then used nail clippers to put it into my unlocked iPhone 4 then when I bought the iPhone 5 I used nail clippers and a nail file to make it even smaller and match it to the shape of the iPhone 5. The trick was that I had to match the design on the gold part of the sim and make sure it went into the sim holder with ...

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