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To cut it short: This assumption is false. Cellphone are not able to cause high voltage sparks required to light gas. Probably only if short-circuited. Mythbusters investigated this problem. Their answer was that such accidents were caused by static charge on the person, not by cellphones. This is important to notice as "Petrol has a low electrical ...


If you never want to see the crash report dialogs, there is a preference to disable them: defaults write DialogType none Log out and back in to apply the changes.


Under OS X, open and enter the following command: defaults write NSGlobalDomain AppleFontSmoothing -int 2 Then, reboot your Mac. This will enable subpixel font rendering on non-Apple LCDs. This simple tweak solved a lot of display issues for me back when I was using an external Dell display at work. I hope it helps you, too!


The default behavior when receiving SIGQUIT is to dump core and exit; the crash reporter is triggered as a part of this process. Starting with 10.5(?) simply setting a signal handler for SIGQUIT should be sufficient to avoid the crash reporter; you will probably want the handler to also call exit. import signal, sys, os def sigquit_handler(signum, frame): ...


Yes - handsfree bluetooth accessories will work to extend the range a good 25 or more feet in many cases. You could also rig a wire and have much, much longer extension, but I can't imagine wanting to be wired to the phone and using a handsfree in that manner. There are many, many mobile base stations that work with all manner of cellular towers and ...


The only solution that actually worked was a full factory reset: Make a backup of your iPhone using iTunes. Using iTunes, perform a full reset of the iPhone. After the iPhone reboots, disconnect it from iTunes and go through the initial setup. Connect the iPhone back to iTunes. When asked by iTunes, choose to restore the backup. If applications are missing ...

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