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Open System Preferences Click Language & Region Select Advanced Change Measurement units to Metric


Not enough to get the password, you need to change a new one (password) to allow apps downloaded from a particular source can run.


The answer turned out to be something silly. I was using an app called "AppCleaner" to uninstall the application in question. The option to "Protect Running Apps" was actually in AppCleaner, not in the Mac OS itself. In order to delete the running application, I had to uncheck "Protect Running Apps." I was able to locate the Preferences within AppCleaner and ...


It absolutely is possible to work with both the backup camera Wi-Fi and LTE at the same time -- I just did it. The problem of having the connection to my WiFi back-up camera blocking my internet use over the cell towers has driven me crazy. The solution is so easy it is embarassing. These folks are right. Just follow these easy steps: 1) Connect your ...


I found this answer while looking how to move the new (at the time of writing this answer) Civic theme in Xcode 8 to Xcode 7.3. Now themes are bundled inside of the Xcode application's bundle at following path: Also Xcode8 theme has extension xccolortheme while ...

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