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Both the control key and Fn key are modifier keys, which generally aren't intended to trigger anything by themselves. I think that even a macro program (e.g. keyboard maestro ) probably won't trigger on just a mod key. I know that Alfred won't trigger a workflow on a mod key. There is a program called Ukulele that lets you edit your keyboard layout, and ...


Go to the settings app: Cellular Turn of mail for using cellular data. (Swipe up to see the M section). Unfortunately, this will disable all syncing over cellular data, and it will prevent you from even a manual fetch of email while on cellular data. So, you'll need to twiddle with things whenever you want to do a manual fetch while on cellular data.


This looks like Moom which Is available from the App Store http://manytricks.com/moom/


No - the PAC code is related only to changing the number which routes to your SIM. The number you've entered into your phone isn't for anything other than as a reminder to yourself!


With OS X Yosemite, you can use Dark Mode. Go to System Preferences → General and check Use dark menu bar and Dock.


If all your music is deleted locally, then go to Settings => Music => Show All Music and uncheck the box. This will hide all music including the purchased one stored in the cloud.


Try this application, it has a LOT of OSX modifications: http://www.bresink.com/osx/TinkerTool.html

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