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I found it ! General > accessibility > zoom .. Then turn it off. then.. swipe down and see


On iOS 7+: Slide your finger from the bottom of the screen upwards. A menu called Control Center should appear. Click on the lock icon.


I have a 4 GB disparity between what shows on my iPhone 6 64 GB and what shows up in iTunes. I propose that this is because of the iOS Operating System itself. While the phone is able to calculate the exact size of the OS and thus give a more accurate reading, iTunes doesn't have access to that data and assumes your phone just has that much more space. ...


Tap Manage Storage (on your iOS device) to see what Apps are using the most space. From there you may be able to determine the discrepancy. Also, if you have multiple iOS devices, it is easy to mistakenly be looking at the wrong one in iTunes.


Here's an option for running a script on startup to append everything to a log file. Searching a text file will likely be a better option than manually scrolling up in Terminal, or filling up a buffer. http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20120507163311559


Looks like it's restricted —someone activated parental controls on your device. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions and scroll down until you see the Cellular data item, you can deactivate it there (given you know the passcode).


If your device is jailbroken, try removing the following file on your device and rebooting: /var/wireless/Library/Databases/CellularUsage.db Related: Cellular data app preferences not being saved


I have an Arduino (which has a "microcontroller" processor). I'm no expert on "modern" devices (like this, and Raspberry Pi etc), but I have worked with older similar systems. On my system, the Arduino instructions suggested I installed the CodeBender development software to work with the device. That insisted on installing driver-installer.mpkg, which ...


The icon indicates its probably a serial device (i.e. a virtual com port). Normally you need to click the + sign below (your first screenshot), then select a interface, a default name will be presented (in your case Microcontroller). You could rename the service afterwards. The problem is once the device is added its hard to see which port its connected ...

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