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Not directly - I even haven't found a way to tell after the fact whether an update came from the cache or from Apple on the client side by looking at the logs instead of sniffing network connections and traffic. The servers listen on somewhat randomized ports - my two caching servers are currently listening on ports 49558 and 51858 I suppose you could port ...


Let us assume you've broken all the users, to fix that, connect a keyboard and display and hold S to start into single-user mode and remove the set up file. Making a new user is non-destructive and it gets you a usable shall immediately with superior tools available to diagnose and fix the issue. My MBP will not startup properly! When you type halt, you ...


"Invalid or missing service identifier" seems to mean that your plist file has not got or has misspelled a section like <key>Label</key> <string>com.foo.bar</string> Note "Label" must start with upper case L.

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