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You can't do what you're asking for. That's controlled by Apple and it's been a problem with that service for quite a while. Hopefully, Apple will allow us to 'like' and 'dislike' news sources


You can include System Files like those in the Library folders in a Spotlight search, if you use Spotlight within Finder via the search bar in the top right corner of each Finder window. Just type in your search and click the small + appearing below the search bar. In the opening window search for System files and tick it's box for In Menu and click OK. ...


Temporary fix is to use .txt documents instead of .tex documents in some folders because it is a stable solution cat *.tex > summary_all.txt Other attempts I am trying to find a terminal approach for searching .tex files here about To Open Find's resulted PATH by Click in Viewer? I am trying to replace mdfind here about How to Replace mdfind with any ...

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