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In pretty much any Open or Save dialog in OSX Yosemite (and several previous versions) you can type shift + ⌘ commmd + . to make invisible files visible within the dialog. So you can easily open TextEdit (or any given app). Type ⌘ command + O. Type shift + ⌘ command + . to reveal invisibles. Type shift + ⌘ command + G in the Open Dialog and enter ~ ...


This is only possible by creating a smart playlist. Below the playlist sidebar click on the plus-button and choose to add a new smart playlist. You can set it something like this:


.<filename> is designated as a hidden file for OS X and Finder's search and Spotlight will not find them, even if you have made your hidden files visible. You can however use the Terminal to find the location of the file. Use: find ~ -name ".bashrc" Highlight and copy the path that is returned. Then in the IDE dialog press shift + ⌘ command + G ...


Typing directly into a Finder window doesn't generate a 'search' as such; there is no filter generated, it merely selects the first match to your typed string. So, if your folder is sorted by anything other than Name, then it will find the first match, yet not necessarily the first alphabetically - in your case it should find the newest match. Setting the ...


You can use Command + F to search within Safari, Preview or most OS X applications..


In general, to search for something on a Mac, Spotlight is what's used and can be brought up pressing: Command (⌘)-Space bar Have a look at: OS X Yosemite: Spotlight keyboard shortcuts If in an application, like TextEdit as an example, pressing ⌘F brings up Find. Also have a look at: Mac keyboard shortcuts


You don't need a Mac running OS X Server in order to take advantage of Spotlight. Personally, I have a Synology NAS with AFP, SMB and NFS shares that Spotlight has indexed. (I do avoid SMB because it is much slower than AFP or NFS) From the client (iMac or Macbook Air) mount the shared folder as you normally would From terminal on the client run the ...

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