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No, you can only transfer certain images and videos. This adapter will not transfer documents or audio files. You could put those audio files on Dropbox or a network drive and then access them with the iPhone. You should be able to transfer the wav's that way.


Your card seems sluggish because it is. Your particular PNY SD card is rated at up to 60MB/s (megabytes per second) data transfer rate; which is approximately .5Gb/s (gigabits per second) In comparison, your SanDisk has a read speed of 150MB/s or 1.2Gb/s (SanDisk does not provide a write speed). Basically, you swapped out a storage medium for another that,...


If the SD card seems sluggish, you can try purchasing the "extreme" edition of the SD cards that are rated for professional photographers that need quick writes for RAW photos in fast succession. It costs more, but you get better performance. The alternative is to wait for Dropbox to release a version that will have placeholders for files stored on the ...

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