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This happened to me today. It might not be showing up because as quip says since you dragged it out now you have to check it off on devices so it definitely shows up. Also, since you pulled it out without having 'ejected it' you have to restart your computer as well. My problem ended up being those and an SD card reader that sometimes had power and ...


It is odd that just removing and re-inserting the card did not allow you to access the card again. A reboot might help. Failing that open disk utility and see if the inserted card is recognized there. If so you should be able to select the device and format, partition or mount it from within Disk Utility. If it is not showing up even in disk utility then ...


In the Finder's sidebar, there should be a section called 'Devices'. Click on the one that's your computer's name and you should see the SD card. Drag it back to the sidebar.


According to Apple's RAW format support page, Sony Alpha ILCE-6000 support was added in Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 5.06 released in August 2014. This update requires a minimum of OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5 with iPhoto version 9.4.3 or later. I recommend upgrading to the latest OS X version supported by your Mac.


I had no clue why my sd card somehow got turned onto unwritable. I filled it up to 8/ 16 gigs n decided, OK I really need to fix this card now! I finally recalled some cards can lock data. After a few flips n tests with the switch slides. I'm not finnaly able to delete again. So simple. Built in lock mechanism on the actual card! I tried reformating, no ...

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