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I was looking for some answers for a different problem and came across a little app called SmoothScroll, which allows you to change the amount of the scroll step (pixel numeric value), the animation time (millisecond numeric value), and the acceleration specs. While it doesn't solve my problem and you already got an answer to yours, I thought that I'd still ...


Okay I actually found it. I installed Keyremap4Macbook and mapped CursorMove to ScrollWheel.


Try putting this into your private.xml file. Select the top option (Toggle CursorMove -> ScrollWheel) in Preferences/Key Change tab and this will toggle the option below (using simultaneous press of trackball LEFT/RIGHT buttons). You could use KeyToKey instead of SimultaneousKeyPresses if you just want to use a single trackball button press. ...


I do not own this keyboard, so I can only cite others. In this Topic some users talk about their experience. It seems to depend on the exact version of the keyboard, that you are using. USB-Version: I was able to get the center mouse button scroll to work by installing USB Overdrive. You select "middle button" and change it to "move to scroll" ...

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