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I found the settings file by using the terminal command opensnoop to monitor all files accessed by any programm and found that the file that stores the underscan setting is here: /var/db/.com.apple.iokit.graphics


I don't know - but I do use the free EasyFind (by DevonTech) that will search everything on your machine, every aspect of search.


Applescripts aren't just plain text files. That's likely why this isn't working. Open Script Editor in your /Applications/Utilities folder, create a new document, and paste your applescript code into there. Save it as a regular .scpt file, and then you should be able to launch that from terminal using the osascript command you mentioned.


If you go to System preferences -- Accessibility-- Speakable items In settings turn on speakable items, and you can provide a keyword. After saying the keyword you can say commands.


You can use the following script to show the idle seconds ticking up, from Inactivity and Idle Time on OS X: #!/usr/bin/env perl my $idle_seconds_command = 'echo $((`ioreg -c IOHIDSystem | sed -e \'/HIDIdleTime/ !{ d\' -e \'t\' -e \'}\' -e \'s/.* = //g\' -e \'q\'` / 1000000000))'; print "Counting seconds of inactivity... Command + Period (.) to quit\n\n"; ...

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