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Have you tried (I don't know if it'll work): activate application "TextEdit" delay 0.2 tell application "System Events" to tell process "TextEdit" to keystroke "Hello World!"


According to this discussion it is supposed to open the "Dictionary" app. However, according to that discussion doesn't seem to work if the screensaver is set to require a password. I have not tried on MacOS X 10.8, but on 10.9 it is no longer possible to disable the password of the screensaver and only set the time after which the screensaver activates. So ...


Had the same problem in my Macbook(15") pro running 10.9.4. I wanted my Mac to be locked while I was away (so configured hot corners) but at the same time did not want it to sleep (irrespective of whether it is connected to power or not) so that my wifi will be "ON" always for my jabber & mails. So here's what I did to prevent Mac from sleeping: Open ...


No i'don't think you can do this the way you want. Every Human interaction on a PC during Screensaver tries to deactivate it. (Like moving the Mouse, pressing a Key e.g.) Applescript most time is used to Script some GUI (like in your case --> tell application TextEdit -> does nothing other than opening Textedit like you would do it by double clicking) ...

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