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This can't be done with any of Apple's screen savers that ship with OS X. My favorite screen saver is the Marine Aquarium ($20) screen saver which has a customizable crystal that can display the time (analog or digital), date, or a calendar. If you Google "os x screen saver with date" you'll come up with many free or inexpensive alternatives. My favorite ...


So through JAMF, a very wise man showed me a very simple thing I needed to add to the end of my script: killall cfprefsd Solved the problem entirely. While if you go into System Preferences, it still shows the old screensaver being selected, it works.


I've tried using backups and it did not solve the issues, after 3 reboots the problem disappeared without changing anything at all. I don't know the reason or why it fixed itself with just several reboots, but seems a good solution. I hope someone will discover the cause and a proper solution.


If you want to change screen saver with applescript: tell application "System Events" to set current screen saver to screen saver "Flurry" Replace "Flurry" with the screen saver you prefer. You then need to use the many available ways to execute the code when necessary.


To automate the changing of the ScreenSaver one can use the Automator and a script command. Open the Automator and create a workflow. Now drag the Calendar new event to the right and choose date/time. (you can change the Date/Time and the repeating occurrence later in the calendar app. Next drag the "Run AppleScript" to the right and paste following in it ...


Many moons later, I wanted the same thing and I found a solution. I use BetterTouchTool to manage all of my keyboard/mouse/trackpad shortcuts and configurations. So I created a keyboard shortcut that runs a terminal command when pressed. To launch the screen saver from the terminal, use this command: open -a ...


This seems to do exactly what you want. I use it to secure a machine that shows a dashboard. It works great. http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/Software/Transparent.shtml


As it turned out, the problem here was that the network domain it had been registered had fallen out of sync. The time delay was a network timeout from believing it had access to the Domain controller and the time it didn't receive a response. Re-enrolling the device in the domain remedied this issue.

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