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Oddly enough that could be environmental. In brief there could be some kind of electrical (or electromagnetic) signal that is interfering with the circuits in your Mac. It is not uncommon but usually manifests itself in something that happens all the time or only when a train (or whatever) goes by. If it is indeed environmental (and there is no guarantee ...


I would not use a wet one, but damp. With wet you might crate drops that can sneek in in places they should not.


Nobody can answer that with 100% certainty. We do not know your workmanship skills, and if you made any errors. You could charge the battery without the screen connected. Using the Computer to charge it is safer anyway since the current from computer is limited and less then from the charger for what ever is it worth.


Literally, put the phones side by side & using 2 fingers simultaneously, tap the same part of each screen at the same time, using the working screen as the guide & simply tapping 'blind' onto exactly the same place on the other screen at the same time. That way, hopefully, both will be in sync as you tap in the unlock code, then work towards being ...


To the answer above. I don't think it has anything to do with the glue in the case of ipad mini/air. Reason is because the LCD screen itself isn't fused to the glass panel. If you look at ifixit.com, it clearly shows that it isn't fused. Therefore glue isn't used in ipad mini nor the ipad air. However, it may be the case with the iphones since the LCD is ...


No the parts are not compatible nor are the cabling and mount points. See http://ifixit.com for take apart manuals and possibly repair parts for your broken LCD on the MacBook Pro.

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