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It's generally safe, but your Mac will have bigger problems than grease on the screen if you put it in bags where it gets pressure that causes the screen to touch the keys. I would avoid those situations or use a thin cloth on the keys if you are worried about grease transfer, grit and surface wear on the glass. Optically, you sacrifice a lot with any film ...


Most answers for this question are going to mainly opinion-based, but most will agree that reason 1 isn't true at all, (do you see a rubber lining run around the bezel of your MacBook screen?), and 2 usually only happens if you buy a cheap screen protector (a good one should cost more than $20). You should be just fine if you buy a high-quality screen ...


Rubbish, my iMac early 2006 has a light sensor and it can be disbled in prefernces...


Tap it! I have one on my iPad. When you tap it it brings up your control buttons, I.e. Home screen,notification centre or whichever you use for your iPhone. CAnt help with the charging noise, but perhaps it's incoming notifications?


This seems to be an issue on a lot of iPhone 5/5s models. Supposedly, Apple has replaced the screens for free in the past, but the phone is old enough now they probably don't offer replacements any more. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5324198?start=0&tstart=0


http://www.magesw.com/displayrotation/ This program is added on to menubar, and basically allows user to change to rotation accordingly. This also allows you to press cmd + ctrl + opt + 0 to return to landscape


https://youtu.be/4UpWfmpETg0 - video instruction. He used PolyWatch Polish

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