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If possible, try using a second display (through Mini-DisplayPort or Thunderbolt). The objective is to find if the issue is the LCD panel (Screen) or the GPU (Video Chip/"Card"). If the issue persists on a secondary/external display, the issue is the GPU. If the issue is limited to the built in display, you've narrowed down the source of the issue to ...


It seems ScreenRecycler does what you need. There's a trial version available, so you can try it.


I just had this same problem, the screen got stuck upside down after I rotated it and the options greyed out, then wouldn't even open again. I fixed it by connecting to a projector, and using the menus that appeared on the projected screen to fix the laptop screen. I have my projector display as a separate 'display', side-by-side and I think that really ...


You might have the display brightness completely turned off, so press whatever key increases brightness, like F2 on my mid-2009 MacBook Pro. If that doesn't work, it sounds like a bad display to me. Find a professional electronic repair technician in your area to fix, and be prepared to spend $200-$300+ on the repair as the display assembly isn't cheap.


brightness It sounds like you have your brightness turned down. To change your screen brightness, tap Settings > Display & Brightness and drag the slider to the right or left. See: support.apple.com brightness


No .Macbooks or even ipad when protected in a case do not require screen protectors. I have my ipad with retina naked for 2 yrs straight without developing a single scratch.But it also depends on how much care u take of your device.

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