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So, having verified the drive is, in fact running at SATA-III speeds, it looks like this post describes doing what you need. Be aware it requires a DOS environment to run, so you'll likely want FreeDOS with the .iso loaded already. I haven't used this, so I am unable to verify results. Attempt at your own risk.


It appears to be possible. According to this iFixit tear down, the A1425 SSD It's a Samsung MZ-DPC2560/0A2 unit, rated at 3.3 volts and 2.39 amps. The serial number reads S0X5NYAC703706. Which appears to have an mSATA connector. There are lots of mSATA to whatever-you-may-need adapters on the market. mSATA to micro SATA (1) (2) mSATA USB enclosure ...

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