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It appears to be possible. According to this iFixit tear down, the A1425 SSD It's a Samsung MZ-DPC2560/0A2 unit, rated at 3.3 volts and 2.39 amps. The serial number reads S0X5NYAC703706. Which appears to have an mSATA connector. There are lots of mSATA to whatever-you-may-need adapters on the market. mSATA to micro SATA (1) (2) mSATA USB enclosure ...


The drive will be bound by the speed of the technology in your computer. 1.5Gbps is fast enough for the cheapest SSDs money can buy, but anything better than that is going to saturate the bandwidth. You'll definitely see a performance improvement over an HDD, even with this limitation, but don't go buying a high-performance SSD.


There is no software utility to check if a cable is defective. your symptoms are odd and could point to an issue with NVRAM that booting into the boot selector allows you to force EFI to pick a boot device manually. I would zap the PRAM (boot holding COMMAND, OPTION, P, R) and let it bong three times. Failing that try resetting the SMC (power off the Mac, ...

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