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There is no way to enable this. Safari extensions are restricted to accessing the extensions folder and nowhere else. If you need to access local resources, use safari.extension.baseURI + “relative path and filename”. You cannot access resources on the user’s hard drive outside of the extensions folder. Source: Injecting Scripts - Safari Extensions ...


Word wrap works a little differently, but actually more accurate, in the latest versions of Safari, depending on the mode you're displaying. For instance, in the "Elements" tab, it will wrap as desired: But, like in your screenshot, the "Resources" tab for instance, it will display as the rendering engine intended, unwrapped:


URL is a property of a document or a property of a tab in a window, so use this: if URL of document 1 is "" then or this: if URL of current tab of window 1 is "" then Update, example of how to use the exists command: tell application "Safari" set b to exists URL of document 1 -- this put false or true into the ...

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