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This is technically impossible to achieve in the current version of iOS. Though, you may want to try this trick which isn't right what you'd like to do, but may be a way around: Tap the address bar and type whatever you want to search Copy what you've just typed Tap on cancel in order to get back to your current open webpage When you're done and you want ...


Right click inside Safari, click Show Page Source, then check if there is a title tag: <title>safari - Tabs not showing - Ask Different</title> If there is, it should work, if not, then it might be a 3rd party extension. Press cmd+, to bring up the Preferences, then click on the Extensions tab. Disable all extensions then restart Safari by ...


Turns out I had disable styles checked


I do not believe it is possible. Apple makes it very clear that, in order to protect your privacy, they cannot see what you buy with ApplePay. So there is no way ApplePay could be used to look up past purchases.

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