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I use the same bash command as Neglectogram above, but used it within a somewhat primitive script I wrote, which uses Pocket's "add by email" solution as outlined in the other answer to this post. I go in to detail here as there seems to be a demand for a solution to this and such I want even novice users to be able to use this (if it works properly). My ...


I had this problem today on one Mac but not the other, both same version of Safari. Fixed by: System Preferences → General → Check 'Close windows when quitting an application' Safari → Reset Safari… Close and reopen Safari And it magically reappeared!


I suspect it's an example of a new policy from Google, where they're deliberately showing old versions of their search pages if you use an out of date browser. You can find information about this from, for example, this BBC news report. It's probably a good idea to update Safari, for security reasons. This is what Google are trying to get you to do. But if ...

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