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HTTP Header: Content-Disposition Have the server include an additional Content-Disposition header when serving the PDFs: Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="<MyPDF.pdf>" This provides the browser with a strong suggestion for the desired filename and suffix. See How to encode the filename parameter of Content-Disposition header in HTTP? for a ...


Go to Window → Merge All Windows. In Safari, this merges other windows into the currently active window. In Finder, this merges the current windows into other window. Alternatively, you can show the tab bar with View → Show Tab Bar. This lets you drag the tab when only one tab in a window is open.


You need to drag a tab - Safari won't let you drag an entire window into another one. You can hit ⌘T to create a new empty tab (thus making the tab interface visible), then drag your original tab to the other window.


This is spam, introduced by an extension, through superfish.com. AdBlock is not the cause! AdBlock blocks the injected ad, so the extension inserts the text equivalent. Disabling AdBlock will remove the text, because it allows the original injection to take place, and will decrease page load time as the secondary text injection is no longer required. ...


If you had an alert dialog appearing with an OK button, then this AppleScript code would close it. tell application "System Events" to tell process "Safari" if exists (button "OK" of window 1) then click (button "OK" of window 1) end if end tell You'll likely need to customise this to fit your exact situation. If the alert dialog appears ...


Yes, Greasemonkey or "User scripts" were the ones that popularized this. For one option on Mac/Safari, please see http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/20718/greasekit


You can't export from Safari but you can import from Chrome Here it is on Google support: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/96816?hl=en Alternatively you can open the Terminal application on a Mac (search it in Launchpad if you can't find it) and paste this: /usr/bin/plutil -convert xml1 -o - ~/Library/Safari/Bookmarks.plist | grep -E -o ...


Yes, you can. Just drag the tab of the new window in the right location of the old window, and it is done. In this way you can also drag-n-drop tabs of safari between different open windows. I know it works in Chrome like this


Just a blind guess: On the Macs with the issue, install RCDefaultApp, and use it to check if the settings for the mime type and .pdf extension are correct. Could be that they're linked to a Windows VM, for instance.


Just enable Show Developer Menu in Safari's Preferences, Advanced tab. It will enable the option Inspect Element when you right click the page. You can also start it with Cmd+Option+I. You can get more info about this option in Safari for Developers - Tools and Safari Web Inspector Guide: The Develop Menu.

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