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I am fairly certain there is no way to disable this feature, short of jailbreaking your device. Even then, I am not aware of any tools to do so. Sorry this isn't the news you were hoping for!


I've never tried it, but apparently you can modify the file: Safari.app/Contents/Resources/Reader.html From an Apple community support page: Do a right-click on the application Safari and choose +Show Package Contents+. An new finder window will open. There is one folder in there named Contents. Contents includes several files and folders, navigate to ...


New new location of Reader.html is at /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Safari.framework/Versions/A/Resources if you're not sure, just use locate


You can also change the iOS Reader.html CSS on iPad, iPhone or iPod, confirmed working on iOS 8.1.2 iPad Air 2. Here's how: You will need to Jailbreak your iOS device, and download a file system managing app called iFile. Then you'll have full Explorer/Finder functionality on your iOS device. Next, navigate to the folder: ...


I have heard that readitlater works to assemble the full article whether you have paid for it or not. I just went to the Introduction page in Safari 5.1 and reader is already to page 15. I'm not going to let it finish, but it doesn't look like it's blocked to me. I haven't paid yet - so something might be up in terms of server overload if reader isn't ...

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