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I'm assuming you're referring to the ReMap Safari extension? Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any existing bookmarklet solution that takes a location highlighted in maps.google.com and opens it in OS X/iOS Maps (nor were my attempts at finding something fruitful). It's an interesting idea and I'm guessing possibly feasible given that a given location's ...


I was looking for something similar as I use the Chrome bookmark bar in that way, but I couldn't find anything suitable. So I made an extension and have submitted it to Apple, Favicon Bar: http://umfana.github.io/FaviconBar It's basic but does the job for me, for now.


If you open Safari in private browsing mode, all cookies you may have are not accessible. Feel free to log in to whatever site you want and the cookies only persist for that session as you are familiar with from Firefox. If you want to script a periodic purging of all cookies, that is trivial if you use Automator to record the action of launching safari, ...


Me too... I don't understand why Apple don't adopt favicons and a minimum (or customized) tab width in Safari. I would have migrated from Chrome 4 or 5 years ago. :/

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