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As of Safari 8, favicons no longer show up on the tab bar, to my disappointment. One solution is to use SafariStand & EasySIMBL. Once installed (see instructions on the SafariStand site), open the SafariStand settings and check "Show Icon on Tab Bar". This will return favicons to the tabs.


Safari can do this out of the box: the key is that you need to adjust the page size when printing to PDF. Load the website File -> Print... Under the "Paper Size" pop-up, select "Manage Custom Sizes" Create a new paper size that fits the entire webpage (eg, 8.5in x 30in). Use the PDF pop-up to "Save as PDF..." The downside to this approach is that if the ...


First, if the tab bar isn't showing (it usually doesn't show unless there are multiple tabs in the window), select the 1st window you want to merge, then at the menu bar at the top of the screen click View->Show Tab Bar. Next drag the now visible tab bar to the window you want to merge with.

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