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just Control click the download link


The Web is the world of Safari. Proprietary file formats are what cause you pain. These usually don’t fit well with the Web. The Word Browser Plugin reads Word docs in Safari. I have not tried it, but you can trust it, its author Manfred Schubert usually does great work. You may also like view.samurajdata.se. It is a nice address for reading a document ...


Shift+Command+] and Shift+Command+[ also work. If you have a new enough version of Safari, you can press Shift+Command+\ to enter "tab view" that shows all your tabs next to each other. Press left and right to switch tabs. Press return to open the selected tab. Little dots appear at the bottom of the window to show the number of tabs and where the tab is on ...


Ctrl-Tab is the default key combo to switch the tab in Safari


Safari downloads every file that it is not able to read (which is pretty much anything but website-formats such as html, css, xml) There are some plugins that open special formats. The first result from google is this one http://www.schubert-it.com/free/

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