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Blocker for Facebook is available for Safari: It creates a button that, upon clicking, asks you for how many minutes you'd like to block Facebook. If you go to Facebook, it throws a popup stating Facebook is blocked and redirects you to Google.


There exists a paid app for that on the Mac App Store: It covers periodic and on-exit clearing of cookies as well. [No affiliation, I'm just a user.] There is also an open source solution to manage cookies, though it's not maintained anymore and — according the README notice — it doesn't ...


These days, you need to remove killers/YouTube.js from "conversion scripts" in the General preferences pane. This seems to apply to both ClickToFlash and ClickToPlugin. Note that after making the change, you have to restart Safari, then wait a second for plugins to load, then open a YouTube tab to test. I believe Kevin's answer was correct in 2012, but the ...

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