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I've found this old software that might do the trick Safari Page Monitor


The Missing Safari Extensions Gallery Search Engine is hosted at hakore.com now.


Not sure it matters what the position is in extensions. It is the function that counts. Each extension performs a different function, and when it loads seems as though it should be irrelevant, as long as it is loaded when Safari is ready to be used.


You are oping the PDF files using the Safari PDF reader. You need the AdobePDFViewer.plugin to replace the Safari build in PDF reader. Here are the instructions how to do that. Update: Based on our discussion and your very specific needs here is a proposal. Reassign the Safari default for "Find" keyboard short cut. Open sys pref- keyboard - ...


There is also Safari Omnikey, which has a dedicated toolbar button and which I found easier to use: Safari Omnikey Chrome-like keyword search for Safari browser. Search Amazon, Wikipedia or any other site directly from your URL bar.


Open that website Go to File → Save as from the menu bar Save it on your desktop You will then have your webpage screenshot on your desktop

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