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There's not just some file you can just go edit for the "Hey, Siri..." phrase. There are localized language files for Assistant (Siri) and the rest of iOS that contain information about what certain words and language in general looks like to a computer. I'm fairly certain that these files are located at /System/Library/LinguisticData/. There are people who ...


Also had that issue, used linux to format, then used photorec on the empty "disk"


For whatever reason, you have a sudo installed in /usr/local/bin (see the output of type). Did you install something with homebrew or another package manager? To fix, run /usr/bin/sudo mv /usr/local/bin/sudo /usr/local/bin/sudo-strange or (if you want to get rid of it completely) /usr/bin/sudo rm /usr/local/bin/sudo


Your command /usr/bin/sudo isn't running with the correct access modes or you are not running the sudo you think. To help you identify the exact nature of what is wrong, run the following commands in a Terminal: type sudo (to check you are using the true sudo without any intervening subshell) ls -@eil /usr/bin/sudo (to check modes, owner, group, and ...

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