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If you backup to iTunes, then iTunes. If you set up iCloud backup, then iCloud. If you set up both, then both. Some 3rd party apps don't restore, as the developers may have specified that user files shouldn't be backed up. iTunes keeps apps in a separate location than iOS backups. Apps don't get copied over each time you backup, as that would consume a lot ...


Turns out I solved the issue by just wiping my phone and restoring it from that same Sept 27 iCloud backup again. It had the photos in the backup after all. As to why it didn't download them to my phone when I restored from that backup a month ago, I'll probably never know. Before I actually wiped/restored, I wanted to make sure that the backup actually had ...


I fixed it in 10.11.1 El Capitan by formatting the Bootcamp Partition several times to FAT formatting. Then going back into Bootcamp Assistant and telling it to once again restore the original boot partition to size. This then asked to adjust my settings for Bootcamp 4 times. I said yes each time. This removed the Bootcamp partition completely for good.


This will not work if your computer(s) is(are) Server enabled. FTL! If you have installed MacOSX Server application to your installation, when you try to perform this action, a dialog warning will appear indicating that this function is not support in MacOSX Server.


You can't update to 9.0, Apple is no longer signing 9.0.


If the drive is completely empty & doesn't even have a recovery partition, then the Mac will automatically go to Internet Recovery if you hold Cmd ⌘ R at boot. To prevent this, hold the Opt ⌥ key at the chimes & choose your Time Machine volume to boot from. You should then find the option to Restore from Time Machine Backup.


Replacing the battery method worked for me.


You can use Pacifist to reinstall Font Book in your system. It will ask you if you want to replace it. You will need an image of your OS in an accessible pack. Don't know if you can 'rm' the folder's content. Never tried, but fonts must be installed in the user's location and not in the System folder. I think with 'setenv' we can link external folders with ...


I just fixed the error by changing the battery. Before a week I replaced my battery, but it was a Chinese battery from ebay. This was the reason for the error. Today I just changed the battery - inserted the original battery and BOOM. The iOS 9.1 was installed on my iPhone. You should try this will work 100%. Source: ...

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