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No, each Desktop (Space) will have the same resolution, whatever the Display's resolution is set at. You could use an App like Display Menu to more easily/quickly change the resolution as needed/wanted as you change between Desktops.


I'm not sure either iPhoto or Photos would be keen on you deleting pictures from inside the app folder framework. They both expect to be 'in charge' of the editing & deleting process. I think, long term it may be better, if you want your 'originals' in a single format in each of the 3 locations to use Image Capture to do the import, to a distinct 4th ...


It's possible to get the Larger text...More Space scaling slider for the Dell P2815Q by using the HDMI input rather than DisplayPort. I'm not sure why, but swapping the connections over yields this settings panel: That's a good start, but is also the end of the road. The scaled options are (unknown) -> 1280x720 -> 1920x1080 -> 3840x2160, so that mode ...


I am an iOS developer, so have a bit of an idea what is causing this. Apple measure screen size in points rather than pixels, and depending on whether your screen is a retina display or not, will change the scaling factor between points and physical pixels. In your case, because you have a high-resolution Retina display, OS X is applying a scale factor of ...

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