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I had exactly the same problem, with the same monitor, Dell U2713 / U2713H / U2713HM / U2713HMt. I had two of them plugged in to my late-2014 Retina Macbook Pro 15" and only one was experiencing the problem. I tried 100s of different solutions (I can say for sure it's definitely not the cable!) and nothing worked. Just like you, I could get landscape ...


Say you have you're screen set to standard (using 15" as an example here), then "it looks like" 1440x900 but it is really 2880 x 1800. Making this example easy, say the app runs in fullscreen, then it would usually load with 2880x1800. If you check the "Open in Low Resolution" it will load in 1440x900, thus being less sharp but in some cases better ...

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