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While I don't normally like to post 'link only' answers, this needs to be an exception. The answer to your question will largely be 'it depends on the MacBook'. To help you figure it out, I recommend going to's MacBook Pro section. This site will list the technical specs of every MacBook, including the maximum external resolution. For ...


That's not possible until now. Apple tried to implement an resolution independent UI in the past but removed it when the first Retina Macs came out.


Not according to EveryMac who are usually spot on with their info, including unsupported 'hacks', none of which are mentioned for this model. This model can simultaneously support the internal display at full native resolution and up to 4096x2304 on an external display in both extended desktop (second workspace) and video mirroring (internal display ...


Don't know if still works on current versions of OS X, but somebody wrote a command line tool to get and set resolutions a few years ago:

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