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According to this page on EveryMac.com the resolutions you want to run should be supported. The problem might be the adaptor. I would try a PRAM reset (restart while holding down Command-Option-P-R), or possibly an SMC reset, detailed in Apple's Support system. If these don't work, I'd try a different adaptor. Good Luck.


By selecting the far-right setting for resolution within System Preferences, you are seemingly increasing the screen resolution to a value greater than 2880x1800. This is exactly why you are seeing an image with greater dimensions. What the display settings allow you to do is scale resolutions so words and images all appear larger or smaller on the display ...


Well none of this worked for me. This is what I did before I found the issue. After the computer would come back on after sleep (macbook pro mavericks, screaming computer with 8gigs ram, retina) the right side monitor, out of the 2 monitors I have plugged in by VGA->DVI, continued to be reset from 1600x900 to 800x600. I would: Unplug the DVI port from ...

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