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Just downloading Display menu from App Store (free) and choosing highest resolution worked for me on Yosemite. Now running headless with great remote screen resolution. No other actions required.


It's fairly simple to install Google Authenticator PAM plugin on Mac OS X if you have X code command line compiler installed. The code and instructions are here: https://code.google.com/p/google-authenticator/wiki/PamModuleInstructions Once you initialize your token (generate a code you feed to the app on your phone), you'll have two factor authentication ...


Apple has tools for that in Sharing. I personally am a fan of the app called TeamViewer and use it with my family and extend family and friends in Europe as well. It is no so much Sharing but taking the control and fixing stuff remotly, or just watching them do something as a teacher. It can be set to auto start with mac so you can access any time without ...


The easiest way is using the Messages app. The last release have a feature for that. You can select a contact and tap on Details. It will appear a new window where you can locate the following icons. Click the first one and will see and option to Invite to share or Ask to share screen. If you ask to share, you will be able to voice chat and control ...


If you have identical accounts with the same credentials set up on both Macs, and you are currently logged in as that account, I do not believe that it will prompt you at all when you connect to the other Mac.


I had a similar issue as well on Mavericks. It is very very strange that it is so hard to make an app exception. On Mavericks you have two firewalls on the system. We used a 3rd party tool called icefloor to configure the pf firewall and avoid the application based firewall. Be sure to check icefloor's compatibility with Yosemite. ...


A couple of options come to mind. You can try both and see which works best for you. 1) you can install VNC for Windows (there are several versions) on her machine Most are free and should work with the OSX vnc client application. I haven't use it so I can't say more. As long as they on the same network you should not have any problems. Over the internet, ...


you can install Microsoft remote desktop for mac, this app can access the windows pc desktop remotely. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/microsoft-remote-desktop/id715768417?mt=12

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