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As a workaround (which I'd love to have something better than) I've found that finding an existing backslash and doing a copy/paste of it to the new location works, but is obviously very clunky and not a permanent fix.


I think rdesktop is the only workaround. You need to switch to the "other" Microsoft RDP client application, identically named however it has a different icon (Incorrect one is v8.0.18, correct is one is v2.1.1. Typical dogs breakfast approach from Microsoft). It can only ever have one instance, and one connection which is just retarded. Also Cord ...


alt + 0 worked for me. (under mac its produce ø, under vm win7 its produce @)


Edit the Connection setting & check 'Scale Content' and 'Use all monitors'. 'Use all monitors' is the key, 'scale content' gives you the choice of scrolling or seeing all at once, but might be too small to read easily. Just for completeness… that option isn't directly available on Windows until Windows 8.1 & also on Windows it's called 'Smart ...


A few further recommendations: Pythonista for native, unjailbroken Python coding Prompt and Transmit for SSH and SFTP access Screens for VNC (I would've commented on the accepted answer but I don't have enough rep yet to do so.)


You can turn your ipad to superb engineering/coding device with buffer editor. It's great code editor with vim support and it also supports autocomplete and syntax highlighting for many languages. You can find it from appstore https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/buffer-editor-code-editor/id502633252?mt=8 or from http://www.buffereditor.com

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