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If you're on El Capitan, the above instructions involving killing the lock screen won't work. There's some process that keeps starting it up and I was unable to find it using launchctl list. I also tried to shut down ARD via my ssh login but that didn't work either. Apparently the and ARD are decoupled processes or something. I wound up ...


In general, for remote connections, I would recommend setting up a VPN server on your office network, which would allow access to insecure services (such as VNC, known by Apple as Remote Desktop), without fear of those services getting hacked remotely. Regardless of how secure VNC is (which it isn't), in general it's a good idea to have as few points of ...


There's a subtle difference in the 2 technologies-- and kind of a misnomer. Apple's remote screen sharing technology is based on VNC -- Virtual Network Computing. You'd think this would be a virtualized technology that would provide you with whatever screen resolution you wanted, right? And Windows RDP -- Remote Desktop Protocol -- it would only give you ...


Does this happen when you have been some time without using the remote computer? I mean, could it be the remote system putting the monitor to sleep? It surely happens to me all the time. I have a 15 minutes sleep interval setup and I tend to forget I have the connection active. After this period of time the shared screen goes black.


alt gr (the alt symbol on the right hand side) plus semicolon worked for me

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