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Basically you have to enable port forwarding. Most routers do that, even ones provided by the cable companies. Briefly the computer you want to get to needs a static IP address (or a DHCP one that doesn't change) within your network. If it stays at that is fine. Then on your router forward any RDP (Windows) requests on port 3389 to the IP address ...


This worked for me. Dummy solutions are easiest. Maybe overkill, but I'm all about easy.


When copying file from Mac to PC using Microsoft Remote Desktop I prefer to share a subfolder, not the entire drive. Here's how: Select your PC in the main "My Desktops" window in the Remote Desktop Click the "Edit" button (pencil icon) In the popup click the "Redirection" button (folder icon - see image below) In the popup click the "+" button and ...

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