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You can use the vnc connection from the Mac B to Mac A write in the Safari.app vnc://Mac A and enable screen sharing in the System preferences Let me know if you need other information or the other solution can be TeamViewer


If you are happy to have content on the Mac projecting the image, you can use remote access via VNC or ARD. This approach has Mac A acting as a gateway to view and control Mac B. Virtual Network Computing / VNC You can use VNC to remotely connect to and control another computer. VNC is free and built into OS X. VNC has the benefit that you can use two ...


Software KVM You might want to take a look at these two additional packages - they don't support iPad but will allow you to use your Air in conjunction with your desktop. Synergy Which used to be free - and can still be downloaded for free if you pull a nightly build ShareMouse which costs maybe $50 or so Both are virtual KVM software that allow ...

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