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I'm extremely unclear on exactly what's happening. You mention something about a script running at startup in your subject, but then never mention that again. What's going on there? Where are you finding that script? That script would suggest someone playing a joke on you, by making your computer say "quack" every time you start up. That's not indicative of ...


It seems your Mac has been compromised (at the time of your writing) in order to mine bitcoins (./bitcoin-qt.app) probably by using ARDAgent exploit or similar. The posted commands are quite advanced, however plenty of them are copy&paste commands which indicates some pseudo-hacker (with actually little knowledge) who is trying to install trojan on your ...


You can use http://www.showmypc.com and just execute it with a code. You must have Java installed though. OR you can use VNC or Remote Desktop.


In Yosemite (not sure about other versions) there is a Screen Sharing function built into Messages, if you get the iMessage addresses of your team you'll be able to screen share with them. This can be done manually with the built-in Screen Share app, but isn't nearly as easy and convenient as just clicking on them then hitting Share Screen in a Messages ...

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