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Turn on Home Sharing using Remote 1.Connect iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a Wi-Fi network on the same local network as your Mac, PC, or Apple TV. Open the Remote app on your iOS device. Turn on Home Sharing from the Remote Settings screen. Sign in to the same Apple ID you used on your other devices.


Screen Sharing works across multiple Apple IDs and is probably what you're looking for. So long as someone at home can access your iMac and click "Accept" on the Screen Sharing notification that they will receive, it will allow you to remotely control the iMac and copy files on and off of it.


If the admin account you're trying to add is an AD one, you should be able to give it admin rights through Directory Utility. Step 7b here shows how to do it: http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/apple-in-the-enterprise/integrate-macs-into-a-windows-active-directory-domain/ [Open Directory Utility] Double-click Active Directory, [...] click on ...


You are looking for the dscl command. You can do it through ARD unix command to multiple machines at once, or send via ssh per machine. Here's a quick look at an admin user. dscl . create /Users/corybohon dscl . create /Users/corybohon UserShell /bin/bash dscl . create /Users/corybohon RealName "Cory Bohon" dscl . create /Users/corybohon UniqueID 503 ...

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