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If you have iPhone or iPad then try this app RecorderHQ : Audio recorder with sharing to Dropbox & SoundCloud & Google Drive & OneDrive RecorderHQ make voice record so easy. Share files to Dropbox,Google Drive,SoundCloud, OneDrive Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is ...


I am a programmer. I create websites and perform analysis on large sets of data. I have also advised clients on setting up their own servers and designed backup systems for them. I assume that these computers and data represent you business and/or your passionate hobby. In either case, I assume that loss of data would be devastating. Based on you brief ...


I have a similar environment here. I would split the task into 2 distinct parts. For changing content, excluding all sample libraries etc. set up a Time Machine; internal, networked, AirPort Time Capsule or NAS-type. To keep any depth of history you will need a lot more space on the Time Machine than you have on the used drives. Copy the static content ...


You need something to work with XLR mic's such as TASCAM’s iXZ. Search for "xlr iPhone microphone" to find other's that might fit your needs better.


At the moment it's not possible with a cable, but it will be possible in Yosemite by using your charging cable and QuickTime. (record your screen) For now you can use Reflector, this doesn't even require a cable. (mirror and record your screen)


No, Apple provides no official way of doing this. If you really need to, you could use Option 3 listed in the tutorial you linked to, the Apple Digital AV Adapter, combined with some sort of external video capture device for you Mac like the Elgato Game Capture HD Game Recorder.

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