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I'd like to add another answer to help anyone who may encounter this. My scenario was for during the Yosemite recovery, error was showing the internet globe icon and "apple.com/support -2105F" so slightly different error number. Prior to this, the recovery process was stuck for hours on "Chunk download failed, retrying...". Eventually I aborted that ...


There appears to be an app called "System Status Lite" that is capable of displaying the system uptime (which should be the time since the last reboot). I haven't used it myself, so I can't speak to its accuracy, but here's a store link.


It sounds like your Mavericks installation is messed up. If you still have the original Mavericks Install package you can check it with Terminal. Type MD5 (with space) and now drag the Mavericks installer to the terminal window. The result should be 7c2152a1afac38d2d06651add2d24968 I would recommend following steps: Try to restore it using the cmd-r. ...

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