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Try running qlmanage -r. This should reload QuickLook and make it so it's no longer focused on those files. You can also try using something like Trash It! if after restarting and relaunching/killing Finder and QuickLook does nothing.


I do not have a solution, but I can confirm that this definitely happens (10.11.3) and appears to be a regression. (I see reports of this from 2011, but it has never bitten me all these years, until fairly recently.) The OP is not hallucinating and his report is entirely accurate, and he is not confused about what he did. Interestingly, I never had the file ...


Are you sure that Preview is indeed not running as opposed to not visible? (CMD+W vs. CMD+Q) As for an image explaining what I mean, refer to this: Update: example output for non-running Preview: ps -ef|grep Prev 502 46649 46541 0 8:58PM ttys000 ...


I was able to solve it: sudo /usr/libexec/repair_packages --repair --standard-pkgs / did repair the access rights of the folder /private/tmp. I suspect that Adobe Creative Cloud has altered the rights. There have been some log lines in the console about quicklookd being not able to scan /, so that is another symptom of that problem.

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