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A quick search turned up QLVideo, which I've now installed. It provides limited functionality with mkv (as well as avi, flv, asf, and a few others) including preview screen shots in QuickLook and thumbnails in Finder's GetInfo window. Unfortunately it does not actually play the video. https://github.com/Marginal/QLVideo/releases/tag/rel-172 Sadly, Perian ...


I had to get rid of the Web.qlgenerator to make this work, using either the QLColorCode or the QLStephen plugins, in OSX Mavericks.


The installation instructions say to run qlmanage -r in Terminal if it doesn't automatically start working. I just installed and didn't have to.


Instead of rebooting, you can simply enter "killall quicklookd" in Terminal. That fixed it.

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