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That file could possibly just be the 'original' that was copied over at install or first run. It's more likely that there's still an active version in /System/Library/QuickLook/ Trash it, or zip & trash from there, reboot & check if Sibelius has an updated QuickLook plugin.


Snapper from Audioease has been the best I've found so far. I have it set to launch at log in so I don't even have to think about it. It activates the waveform view you're asking for just by clicking once on any audio file. It also has many other features like format conversion, export, etc. It's not free but is entirely worth the cost with the time it ...


Try Graphic Converter, at least this one works for previewing the .skp files. In the free version you just need to wait around 30s to use the apps. In some forums, there is said that to generate quicklook plugins, the developer of the apps needs to open up the source code in how their apps generate the files to display. Even maybe if someone is able to ...


For OS X 10.8.5, the method below works well enough for me to stop looking for a better solution. The file modification has survived reboots, but it might need to be reset after Apple updates. Edit this sandbox profile as an admin: /usr/share/sandbox/quicklook-satellite.sb Add the file type deny rules at the end and save: (deny file-read* (regex ...


also installable via brew cask install qlstephen

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