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I broke down and called Apple Care tonight and got quickly directed over to the Server team. Shocking to me, but the tech was able to reproduce my issue! This surprised me because no one in the Apple Discussion groups (or really elsewhere) has mentioned the problem. So the tech is elevating the issue and hopefully we'll see a bug fix soon. I haven't tested ...


Please notice that the activation of the "Text-Selection-In-Quicklook"-Feature could lead to the bug described in this question: QuickLook having problems displaying some images


This "blank Quicklook image" Bug is caused by the activation of the undocumented TextSelection-Feature. As soon as I deleted that feature with this terminal command the blank images were never seen again ;-) defaults delete com.apple.finder QLEnableTextSelection; killall Finder; If this delete-command doesn't work for you, you could try to disable the ...

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