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You could try adding it via the .plist file. This guide will explain how to do it. To summarize the steps: Go to the applications folder Locate TextEdit.app Show Package Contents Edit the Info.plist file


qlmanage Use the command line tool qlmanage to investigate your QuickLook set up, including the default generator for each file format. qlmanage -- Quick Look Server debug and management tool Apple's QuickLook developer documentation provides a good overview of how QuickLook works and how to test specific plugins. Editing the iA Writer QuickLook ...


QuickLook for these types of files works because the file type is specified in Xcode's Info.plist. In order for QuickLook to use Xcode to quick view these files again in Finder, you'll need to edit Xcode's Info.plist file. This is found by right clicking the Xcode.app file in your Applications and clicking "Show Package Contents". You'll find Info.plist in ...

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