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From comment: Check your .bashrc or .profile for Python specific code -- if you find something there make sure it is pointing to the correct version, be it .../Versions/Current/..., .../Versions/2.7/..., or whatever.


OS X Mavericks actually ships with Python in /usr/bin/python: |ruby-2.1.1| mymachine in ~ ○ → /usr/bin/python --version Python 2.7.5 You don't need to install Python at all to get started developing with Python on OS X. That version is sufficiently high enough to be useful for Python 2.x development work and not totally suck (i.e. it's not Python 2.4). ...


Looking at the database being opened by that SQLite snippet in Navicat I don't see any data there; I would assume that the iCloud move caused some changes but perhaps I am not viewing it right. If you have a developer account you might look in the documentation for Address Book programming. There's pretty rich support for searching and I would be shocked if ...

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