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For python 2.x all files related to the random.py file you created will be in the same directory as this file. For python 3.4 see this section about compiled python files of the python docs To speed up loading modules, Python caches the compiled version of each module in the __pycache__ directory under the name module.version.pyc, where the version ...


Final Answer: Hey new programmers to python. I had a problem of importing the built-in module 'random'. Make sure you do not name your program after the module. a. If you do, you have to delete the newly created random.pyc or other random. file name duplicates in the file which holds the random.py you created. These are GUI files that can be placed in ...


use mdfind to locate all the files with that name (you might need to grep -w for the string or use mdfind with a "kMDItemFSName == whatever.py" clause) Once you know where you've sprayed those files, you could either edit it into the question or decide to do a clean install / migrate user data or remove all the python and then patch that together from a ...


You will almost certainly be fine. Try pip install pip and it should tell you "Requirements already satisfied". You could also try pip show pip and it will tell you it is installed and requires no other packages.

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