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It is a server used for push notifications for iOS and OS X. If you block it, you may not receive push notifications.


To add on to existing answers: Maybe after some time the second part of the accepted answer is outdated. It didn't stop the process. I had to go to activity monitor to find the process in the file system. So I ended doing sudo tcsh chmod 000 /usr/libexec/SafariNotificationAgent Works perfectly so far. The process doesn't run anymore when I restart ...


Register at Prowl Install the Prowl iOS app on your iPhone Use this script in OSX ('sendClipboardAsPush.sh') to send your clipboard to your iPhone as push notification: #!/bin/sh set -x # Posts growl notifications to iOS device using prowl & curl # Fill in with your own Prowl API key here and remove 123456789 APIKEY=123456789 # Make up a cache ...

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