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No - this isn't possible. You would have to sign out of iMessage entirely on the devices that you wish to not receive notifications.


Apple is generally good about privacy and security, and risks their reputation if they were to violate user expectations by secretly looking at private data they say they don't look at. However, for the more cautious (including me), some default settings do need to be changed. Keep in mind also that iOS devices access a number of non-Apple "cloud" services ...


Afaik everyone with your mobile number and WhatsApp installed can see if you are using WhatsApp, too. I don't know about a way to prevent that from happening, it's the only way to 'find' each other on WhatsApp and to start a chat.


Tapping Settings > General > About > Diagnostics & Usage will allow you to choose between Automatically Send and Don't Send. Turn off iCloud and don't use it at all on iPhone. Settings > iCloud, then tap to turn on or off iCloud features Also review Apple Legal/Privacy Page for full detailed information.


when it comes to privacy Apple is your biggest friend. "if I have an Apple ID registered with my real name, address, etc. will Apple and/or iCloud always know all my browsing data, my emails, email passwords, etc.?" simple answer: no. just no. In fact unlike most companies Apple can't even bypass your password or anything like that. They need your ...

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