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Regarding api.smoot.apple.com, from Hacker News. Note this is regarding Yosemite, but I would imagine it similarly applies to Mobile Safari on iOS, especially since the hostname is the same (emphasis mine): There are two "Spotlight Suggestions": "Spotlight Suggestions" in Safari "Spotlight Suggestions" in Spotlight Both query the same ...


This is a known bug in the latest OS X Yosemite. You can’t select or drag prefPane extension file from the Finder window dialog. When you’re prompted with the same screen, press Command+Shift+G and enter the path to the packaged application at: ~/Library/PreferencePanes/FunctionFlip.prefPane/Contents/Resources/ Check out the gif to see how it works.


But what if there's a site that I trust in perpetuity? If you want to trust a site in perpetuity check "Prompt for each website one time only" in Settings>Privacy, visit the site, in the sheet that appears check the option "Remember my decision and don't ask me again" and click the Allow button: If you get prompted to allow Safari to use your ...


The app itself must support the "While Using the App" option. If it doesn't, then as you have discovered, your only options are "Always" or "Never". Presumably you would only want to allow this app to access your Location for geofencing-type reminders (e.g., offers). If so, you have to pick "Always" and you are at the mercy of the app to some extent with ...

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