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If you've been hacked, the keylogger has to report. It can do this either immediately, or store locally and periodically spew it to some network destination. Your best bet is to scrounge an old laptop, ideally with 2 ethernet ports, or, failing that with a PCMCIA network card. Install a BSD or Linux system on it. (I would recommend OpenBSD, then FreeBSD ...


Slack is a well-known chatting tool and I am yet to hear it does any surveillance. Also, every single Mac app which is submitted into App Store after June 1 of 2012 must have sandboxing implemented or it won't be approved. Additionally, no app is able to access your computer outside of its limits unless you give it your root password (Slack does not ask for ...


It says "Limit Ad tracker". You can chose it to be on or off. So in other words it will always be ON. That's how I understand it.

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