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Make sure you go to the Lantronix site to ensure your printer is listed. It doesn't work with the Canon MF4800 series. But they say it works with the Canon MF9000 series but I think that series already supports AirPrint natively since the MF6000 and MF8000 series do.


Assuming it's the same as on Linux, you could also use: less /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/BO_V2/data/logs/log-2014-07-10.php Then press Shift+F to have it tail automatically, or just Shift+G to go to the end of file.


On windows, the Cygwin is a Unix-like environment and OS X is full on UNIX, so there is no need for any additions to get unix tools. Open Terminal.app and start with manual pages. The more and tail -f commands are typical unix commands to page, search, and watch a log file. For your example, the tail command to watch your log file is: tail -f ...


In Outlook 2011 for Mac, select page settings from the file menu. Switch it to landscape, print, and switch it back to portrait mode.


IN my situation the error was caused by a changed password. In the keychain the old password was registered and used during printing. I solved to problem as follow: Open the KeyChain Access App (Applications -> Utilities -> Key Chain Access) Search for your printer name Open the key chain entry found Change the password

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