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Preview only works with PDF files and some image files (png, jpg, gif, tiff, bmp) so you won't be able to open a text file on Preview. To open your info.txt file from terminal you need to choose an application that can open text files, like TextEdit or any other text editor. You also could use open -e file, to open any file using TextEdit.


Try using the Terminal! Type: sips -r 5 --padColor FFFFFF test.pdf Where 5 is the degrees, FFFFFF is for white (the background) and test.pdf is your pdf. To more easily use this, try only typing sips -r 5 --padColor FFFFFF and then drag a file on the terminal. Edit: as user3439894 correctly points out this only works for single page pdf's and ...


A couple of things to try. Remove the Finder preferences file. The system will automatically regenerate it. In Finder, press Shift-Command-G and enter ~/Library/Preferences. Then find com.apple.finder.plist and move it to the Trash. Right-click on the Finder icon in the dock and select Relaunch. If this doesn't work, ensure that JPG files are associated ...


When a file is not associated with a specific application, it will not show as Icon. To change that right click on one of those files and select the Get Info, in that window select the Application to use to open, and then select apply to all (Change All).

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