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You can move those files directly to Trash. Select them in Preview drag them above the Trash in the Dock, wait for ~2 seconds - Finder window will appear and You can drop those files. However You won't be able to empty the Trash without closing Preview window first (File is still in use).


Preview won't allow you to cmd-delete, or "move to trash", or even drag and drop to trash, the last file it has open. This "feature" was introduced in Lion, and you're not the first person to lament it's inclusion online. The only useful solution I've found is to create an Apple Script Application that deletes any item dragged on to it and put this ...


There seems to be no way to make Preview.app do this, but Skim offers this feature. On my system, using pdflatex, Skim will 'jerk' for a split second as it reloads, but it does return to the right position on the current page.


If your Preview.app has been made scriptable. (If I remember right Apple may have made it so in later versions, but with no real dictionary) You can run this Script, Saved in an Run Applescript Action in an Automator Service for Preview.app, no input. set theDocs to path of (documents of application "Preview") repeat with i from 1 to number of items in ...


sadly the only ways to add a signature in Preview, is by using the two different ways you mentioned. You could type your name in pages, print it out and use the camera.


The camera capture method works just fine, so long as you get the basics right. Write your signature in black on a sheet of clean white paper. Take your MacBook, camera etc over to the window, facing inwards. Hold paper, now in daylight, to camera. Done. If the lighting is bad, the result will be bad.

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