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Just drag the cursor starting from the direction where you want the point to be.


Yes! You can drag the text bubble bounding box (the blue dots that you would use to resize the bubble) over to the other side. This effectively over-"resizes" the bubble so it is mirrored.


You can simply drag the corner selection (the round dot) to the other side Like this


Go to ~/Library/Keychains on your new Mac and make a copy/backup of your actual login.keychain with cmd D Copy the old login.keychain in /Users/old_user_name/Library/Keychains from the backup to your desktop and rename it to loginold.keychain Open Keychain Access.app and choose File -> 'Add Keychain...' in the menu, navigate to your desktop and select ...


Certain PDF files (dynamic XFA forms) created in Adobe LiveCycle can only be opened in Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat. When you try to open these files in an alternative PDF viewer, then you will see this error message. Unfortunately, it's not easy remove this message and modify the PDF so that it can be opened in alternative PDF viewers. The person who ...


All the coverage I've seen says to run what you have and 10.10.1 will convert all pre-release versions of OS X - including the latest GM candidates to the full production version. You are free of course to go through the work to download the free version of the installer and see if it runs on your specific version of OS X but without knowing your exact ...


You might want to use and Open two instances of Preview at once. Unfortunately, Preview (like most Mac OS X applications) lets you have just one instance of a file open at a time. But there’s a way around that restriction. The open command line program accepts a parameter -n that allows it to launch the application again, even if it’s already ...

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