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Connect your phone. Open Image Capture from your Applications folder. In the bottom-left corner of the Image Capture window, select "Preview" where it says "Connecting this iPhone opens:" Repeat while your Nikon SD card is connected.


I believe you are using the free version of Adobe Acrobat/Reader. On the Windows side of things if you are using Adobe Reader there is no UI or interface for changing the font. If you are using Adobe Acrobat Pro/Standard you can change the font. One workaround I have found is copy some text with the font you want to use from another application and paste ...


On Yosemite (Preview 8.0), hit shift-command-A or select "Show Markup Toolbar" from the "View" menu: Find font options by clicking on the italic A:


May be relevant: An interface error appears to have crept into 10.10.4 The small dot on the Preview pane used to stop at top when dragged up. Now it disappears under top of split window. Solution?: carefully drag split window down from top again!...thought all my mail had gone!

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