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I found the settings file by using the terminal command opensnoop to monitor all files accessed by any programm and found that the file that stores the underscan setting is here: /var/db/.com.apple.iokit.graphics


I don't know - but I do use the free EasyFind (by DevonTech) that will search everything on your machine, every aspect of search.


Select folder you are intending to add to side bar and just type ⌘ CMD+T.


Did you have any luck with this? I'm having the same issue with Yosemite. All the shortcuts work except those ones, I try changing them to anything and they still don't work. I even tried assigning "move right/left a space" on BetterTouchTools and that doesn't work either, even if the assignment is done by using a touchpad gesture, it seems there is no way ...


Once you've installed the relevant apps back on the device, open iExplorer or similar app and copy the files back on to the device in the app's data container.


It seems you have some of your wording backwards. The integrated card is the low power card that is built into the motherboard of your computer. The discrete card is the higher power card that has been added (by Apple) to a socket on the motherboard of your computer. Integrated consumes less power, while discrete consumes more power. If you are using ...


It turns out that preferences are cached in Mavericks (and presumably Yosemite), and therefore copying preference files will not make them immediately available. A generic cache cleaning tool such as Onyx can be used to clear the caches or if you're happy using the command line the following command will reload the cached preferences: killall -u ...


Click and drag to trash - that worked for me (Yosemite)


I haven't managed to find a permanent solution for this. Saving a preset doesn't always help. It works in Acrobat Reader but not Acrobat Pro which requires you to select Properties...Advanced...DuplexMode and set it to duplex every time you open a different document. The default seems to be single-sided regardless of your printer settings. I have encountered ...

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