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Your Mac should still be able to turn on with a dead battery. As long as charger is functioning properly, it's more than enough to both power up and charge your Mac. You have three possibilities for the cause of this: MagSafe Board (highest probability). This board is known to go bad and when it fails, it presents symptoms similar to what you are ...


Even if your battery is dead, your computer should still switch on, see this article for more details. Might be power cables inside your laptop. You can test with voltage meters, if you don't know how it works, you can always go to an electrician or just take it into a computer shop or even Apple.


The battery appears to be dead or damaged. I would go to an Apple Store to have it replaced. But It is still strange that even with the power cable connected it does not turn on. Another test you could do is resetting the PRAM by holding Command + Option + P + R and turning on the MacBook


This happened to me when my iPhone 5 battery died. If it's less than a year old, take it to an Apple Store or Authorized Reseller for replacement. If it's older and you don't have an AppleCare plan, you can buy a compatible battery from eBay; I did and has worked great for over a year. It may even happen that Apple replaces it for free if it's a batch of ...


Apple has a program called MFi and detects if the cable has a certified chip inside. The chip just says that it's been officially 'Made For iOS.'


You can use iStat Menus to read the sensor values, which include voltage, amperage and wattage of various components in the system.

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