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No, you cannot just arbitrarily solder the cord from the MagSafe Power Supply on to a generic 60w power supply as the output voltage and amperage need to be matched as well. That said, since you're having issues where it's connecting to the power supply I have to assume your starting off by wrapping the cord to tight around its ears. You're not supposed to ...


I've been using the MacBook Air 45W power adapter with my MacBook Pro Retina 15" and it works perfectly. Charging takes a little longer than with the original power adapter. I recommend the 45W adapter for travel.


It will charge. However, it will do so very slowly.


I had the same issue. I do not know how SMC reset might help, but the 3 pin adapter makes sense. I thought of a work-around without having to invest in another adapter. The issue with static discharge is that when you walk/rub on carpet or wool, electrons move from the carpet/wool to your body. This is similar to rubbing your hair with a plastic scale and ...


reset SMC look up how to reset SMC on macbook's without removable battery


Either you're using your laptop heavily or you need to upgrade your charger with higher power (e.g. from 65Watt to 85Watt) so it can charge faster. This usually happens when you take/borrow charger from other MacBook Air and you'll try to charge your MacBook Pro (which could have Core i7 instead of i5). You can click on Battery icon to see which apps are ...

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