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No. Wattage is not an issue. Lower-powered macbooks are be paired with higher-powered power source. A 85W power adapter is basically universal to all macbooks. 2011 MBA still has MagSafe 1/original port. Visually, plug on MagSafe adapter is L-shaped, while plug on MagSafe 2 is T-shaped. Apple sell a tiny addon that makes MagSafe adapters work with newer ...


I don't know if there is a software way to do that, but there is an hardware way: Use an unpowered USB cable (some company makes it, targeting audiophiles), might need an adapter to male lightning. Tape/Remove the power plugs on your USB cable. Also, not exactly an answer to your question, but maybe to your use-case: Build a binary, then export it to ...


A blinking LED is not a signal that the original MagSafe Power Adapter would output, so it's hard to say why it does that, perhaps contact the manufacturer. But it sounds like there's something wrong with the adapter. It is technically possible that a faulty power supply hurts your battery or even your machine (as in logic board, etc.). I have experienced ...


Could be as simple as something making the power key stick - I used to have this problem with my 2008 Macbook Pro 15". If you dropped it in the past this can cause wiring to come lose (had this problem too!) despite everything else appearing to work normally. Definitely get it fully backed up ASAP and then have it checked out.

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