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I had the same problem, apparently my iPad couldn't be any more charged. So I brought it to a shop, and voila, they could charge it. Point being to really really use the original "fat" charger and not another one (like the thin one of an iPhone). The chargers differ in the maximal current they can supply (more than 2A is needed for the iPad).


If the computer's working fine, then the electrical event that occurred either didn't damage the computer, or only damaged the charging circuitry. I wouldn't try using the adapter again. If you do, there's a high likelihood that it will trip another circuit breaker/blow a fuse, or it may not do anything at all. I think it's very unlikely in either case that ...


This looks like the best option for changing MBP and MBA at the moment (Aug 2015) https://www.getbatterybox.com/buy

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