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No. No battery will be saved regardless of what color your screen is. This only applies when the screen is OLED, like in the Apple Watch. You can save battery by lowering the screen brightness, though.


You can no longer just tap the Power Button on a Mac to put it to Sleep. On any Mac running Mavericks or newer the Power Button should function as follows: Power Button: 1~2 second hold = Sleep 3~5 second hold = Options Dialog 8~12 second hold = Force Shut Down Alternatively, if you have a keyboard hooked into the Mac you should be able to hit: Control+...


The answer in my case was No, there was no other option but to change the main logic board. To my extreme fortune, Norwegian law requires five years of warranty on all electronics such as laptops and phones, so it was done for free. The repair shop even told me I was eliglible for a new screen so they threw in that as well.


I had the same issue: a PreventUserIdleDisplaySleep assertion set by a process that was no longer active. Killing the powerd process (to be restarted by launchd) cleared the assertion without logging out or rebooting. $ ps -e | grep powerd 63 ?? 0:00.05 /System/Library/CoreServices/powerd.bundle/powerd $ sudo kill 63 I'm not sure about any ...


Basically, Safari will download the file but it will not go to sleep. You can also check the box that says "Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off." I have that box unchecked; power nap really, in this case, does help. I've actually ended up answering one of my own questions by reading this thread.

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