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Press the three dots right next to the name when you select the Podcast row. Select (-) Delete. That will delete the row. Then on the main Podcast, right-click and select "Refresh podcast". The row will re-appear with a little cloud next to it. If the publisher has deleted the Podcast from their library, I guess you cannot recover it. Hope that helps.


It sounds like Winamp has claimed podcast/RSS feeds, rss://, on your computer. This means when an podcast/RSS feed is clicked, Winamp is launched rather than iTunes. The BBC's Podcast help suggests copying and pasting the podcast link directly into iTunes: Subscribing using iOS, Android or Window Select your operating system. Once you have ...


In the sidebar at the top you have the Podcasts option (just above the Stations one you have just selected) which seems to do what you want - you will see a list of all of your podcasts in the middle column. Then you can switch between unplayed/feed tabs in the right column to see all episodes or just the unplayed ones. Depending on the defaults the view ...

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