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Try to let iTunes delete the podcast for you. There should be three dots behind the podcast-name -> click on them -> delete download. Probably it then will recognize that the podcast is already missing or deinstall it properly.


Those are system wide commands, not exclusive to your app: Fast forward To speed up your track simply tap the Play/Pause button rapidly twice and hold the control down after the second tap -- the track will skip forward. Rewind Similarly, to rewind a song tap the Play/Pause button three times and hold the control down for the track to skip ...


After an hour or so of fiddling and I realize that the TED podcast has the word "with video" attached to it and so I tried searching the store for the video version and boom! There it is, the version of the same podcast I've been listening to but with video. Playing episode in that podcast pops open the video window just fine. So in case anyone else ...

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