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What no-one seems to have pointed out so far is that /Applications are usable by everybody & ~/Applications are only for that user. Some installers will ask if you want to install for this user or for everybody. That's how it can differentiate. That will be one of the reasons Steam installs to there, as it's a per user license. Apple's app ...


For people stumbling upon this in an OS X 10.11+ era (El Capitan or newer): Apple has added a whole new layer of security in OS X. They have taken away some privileges from root. The file you are trying to modify has a restricted flag. Only restricted processes which are signed by Apple will be able to modify these files. However, you can disable this ...


Select the folder in Finder and open Get Info (⌘I). Click the padlock in the bottom-right corner of the Get Info window and authenticate. Set up the permissions, then click the gear and select Apply to enclosed items….


Please don't use any apps to do this, just open the terminal. Try taking ownership first: sudo chown -R LCLindley.admin /Volumes/Little\ Travel\ Buddy then try fixing permissions so you can actually read and write it: sudo chmod -R 755 /Volumes/Little\ Travel\ Buddy


I believe it is a permissions issue. OSX is a multi user system, each user can have his own apps, files and folders. Here is what Apple says about Users: Standard user: Standard users are set up by an administrator. A standard user can install apps and change settings for his or her own use. Standard users can’t add other users or change other users’ ...


I was just going to comment on the accepted answer (but don't have the reputation for that yet.) As a user of Caskroom.io, I would also recommend adding: sudo chown -R admin /opt/homebrew-cask sudo chmod -R g+w /opt/homebrew-cask since cask, an extremely useful extension to homebrew, puts all its files in /opt/homebrew-cask

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