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No - there is no linux kernel to profile on OS X - so that tool is a fish out of water. OS X probably ships with everything you need though. On macOS / OS X - there is a mach_kernel in use. It's exhaustively documented at: Additionally, ...


Your processor automatically throttles itself when it gets too hot, OS X automatically sets the fan speeds appropriate, and in the off-chance your computer gets too hot, it will automatically shut off. You don't need to worry about a modern computer getting "over-worked".


Do NOT upgrade. 9.3 is a brick on an IPad 2. Stay with version 5 if performance or reliability is an issues. Compatibility with newer apps would be the only reason. I updated and have regretted it ever since. Apple do not give you,the owner of the device the opportunity to backdate should you change your mind AFTER you have updated and are not happy. Not ...


I would also like a utility to perform this function. I don't know how to monitor this in OSX, but there is a way to reduce it: SMC Fan Control. This utility allows you to manually set your fans' speeds, which will cool the machine, reducing the throttling somewhat.


Well for benchmarking you can download GeekBench or check out the benchmark scores for Macs. My story: I still have my i5-2.5Ghz Macbook MD313 (2011) and I upgraded to 2x 240gb 560mbps SSD in RAID 1 which get speeds up to 800mbps. Then I upgraded my RAM to 16gb. It only has 512mb integrated HD3000 GPU and this 2011 machine outruns my 2013 i5-3.2Ghz 27" iMac ...

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